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Schleich Farm World Large Horse Stable – Review

We love Schleich toys in our house, they are always a big hit with the kid and so detailed. We’ve already got a few bits including the Schleich Wild Life 4 x 4 Vehicle and an amazing Dino Set with Cave so we were both really excited when we were asked to review the Farm World Large Horse Stable.

Schleich Farm World Horse Stable
Schleich Farm World Horse Stable in the box

At £79.99 for the set there is no denying this is an expensive buy and as such it has to offer a lot. Whilst it may only ever be a birthday present or big Christmas gift as opposed to a well done or off the cuff buy it is AMAZING and you can easily add to the set with some far less expensive items. Just like the other Schleich toys we have it is fabulous. The attention to detail, the amount you get, the sturdiness, the unexpected features. It’s a winner.

Farm World Horse Stable
I think he’s happy with it

These are toys built to last and toys that have been made in a way that they are sturdy enough for 3 year olds to play with (and my rather rough and tumble 5 year old) but are realistic enough, with great detail for far older children. If you’ve got a toy that’s going to last years, it’s worth spending a bit of extra money. It’s aimed at ages 3 to 8 and I think that’s probably underselling it. Take away some of the smaller items, like the teeny tiny mouse and three year olds are fine, but I don’t see L stopping playing with it until he is a lot older than 8, thankfully I’ve got time to find out.

Schleich Farm World Horse Stable
Come on mummy, get on with building it

For me one of the real plus points is the amount you can add to the sets, Schleich is on our list of toys to collect for L now, especially as we can ask for specific things and at great prices, a few extra animals don’t cost much at all but he has his eye on the rather cool tractor and with his birthday just round the corner guess what we’ve ordered?? Hmmmmm. Yeah, you got it, a tractor complete with trailer, haybale, farmer and calf.

Farm World Horse Stable
Literally already playing with it and I hadn’t finished building it

The Horse Stable comes with a lot and is a great way to add to any farm collection and enhance the play as it really captures the imagination. L was playing with it straight away, honestly, as soon as I opened the box he was playing with the horses and farm hands whilst I was building the stable.

Farm World Horse Stable
Meet the farmer

I’m going to try and list everything you get, but there was a lot so apologies if I miss something. You get the stables, which does take a bit of building but the instructions are fab. To add to this you also get a slide to push bits down from the top floor, a ladder to access said top floor, rope pulley system and a feed dial. Then there are two farm hands, one ready to work and one ready to ride. Two horses. A saddle. Cleaning brush. Tack box. Three ducks. A cat. A mouse. A wheelbarrow. A fork. Small haybale and grass feed, which has nifty little holes in it so it fits on the end of the fork, carrots and broccoli. A tin bath. Feed boxes. A seesaw, not really sure what that is for but it’s cool. A bucket. Saddle for the horse. And finally some fencing that can be moved round the farm. Literally so much stuff!!

Farm World Horse Stable
Let’s go riding

You also get some stickers to personalise everything and name your horses. It wasn’t too hard to build and with all the accessories and animals it comes with you don’t need to have anything else at home at all. This is all the toy you need in one box. It’s great, I really can’t sing its praises enough.

Horse Stable
In his stable

I love that you get some useful bits for the horse care, like the food and brush as well as extra animals for the farm like the ducks and cat. It is a great base for the start of a fun farm journey or a really amazing gift for the already farm obsessed child. All the doors are hinged and then you get the fun of moving things around and really immersing yourself in the play. It’s truly a pleasure to watch L use it.

Schleich Farm World Horse Stable
The concentration as he starts building a story

The attention to detail is phenomenal, with a little hole for the mouse to hide in, the hinged stable doors and horse box gates. The pulley to get to the top floor and flap for pushing bales out of. There is even a roller section in the hayloft to aid with the pushing of hay. The figures are designed to hold the wheelbarrow, bucket and fork. In fact they can hold all of the accessories. The horse’s saddle really does up. The stable itself just looks stunning, it’s a good looking toy and even as an adult I get satisfaction from it and keep finding new little things, like the way you can pick up the horse feed I mentioned above on the fork. So well thought out.

Farm World Horse Stable
Can you spot the mouse?

Schleich also make other ranges of toys like jungle animals, dinosaurs, fairies and more. All of which look amazing.

Schleich Farm World Horse Stable
It’s been played with in his bedroom everyday since it arrived

L loves his new horse stable set and will shortly be adding to it with a tractor for his birthday.

To find out more please head to

Schleich Farm World Horse Stable
The ducks are so sweet

Disclosure – we were gifted our Schleich Large Horse Stable for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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