Screechers Wild

Screechers Wild – Review

Last week L received a lovely parcel of toys, he was very excited as they were brightly coloured, had wheels, plus a whole host of other cool features. Screechers Wild are so much fun. Screechers Wild

There are so many different levels to Screechers Wild I’m not sure I know where to start. They are collectables, cars, transformers, racers and ready for battle. They have certainly been a massive hit in our house.Screechers Wild

There are 12 Screechers Wild Vehicles to collect plus two specials, the shooter and the launcher which come with vehicles as well, so that’s 14 in total. There are more launching soon so you ca grow the collection further.Screechers Wild

When the special discs are fired at the front of the vehicles they spring into action, transforming into various creatures. We’ve got MonkeyWrench a tank/gorilla. KnightWeaver a sports car/spider. SparkBug a race car/wasp. We also have NiteBite a race car/vampire.Screechers Wild Screechers Wild

The Vehicle Launcher that included NiteBite allows you to fire the vehicles off at speed, even allowing you to store one vehicle for on the go fun. It’s simple to use, just push the car against the launch pad until it clicks back and the press the red launch button. It’s a bit stiff to use and L finds it hard, but he is under the suggested age range.Screechers Wild Screechers Wild

The Rapid Fire Disc Blaster is L’s favourite. It included SparkBug and allows L to fire the discs all over the room, at the cars, at me very quickly and with lots of hilarity.Screechers Wild

I have to say I think Alpha Toys have done a great job with these toys. I love that you can collect them, but don’t have to. They are brilliant toys in their own right.Screechers Wild Screechers Wild

The bright colours, flip action and transforming element is so much fun. Plus the two specials that allow you to launch the cars and fire the discs are great fun.Screechers Wild

Then online you can explore the whole world of Screechers Wild and find videos and games. So there is a lot of fun to be had and you can pick and choose the bits you like.Screechers Wild

Screechers Wild range from £5 to £15 depending on the level toy you are buying and where you are buying it from. They are available from most good toys stores including Argos, Smyths Toys, The Entertainer and Amazon. I actually think they are very good value, especially as they do not need batteries, whoop!Screechers Wild

I have to say we really like these toys. A whole lot of fun .

Disclosure – we were gifted our toys in exchange for an honest review.

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