So DIY Sleepover kit

Sleepover fun with SO DIY

Do your kids have sleepovers yet? L seems to be in the minority amongst his friends in that he does. L and his best friend from nursery have had several sIeepovers and they love it. Even If they are little terrors.

It helps that we are good friends with the parents and that both of us are happy for the other to look after and tell each others children what’s what!

So DIY Sleepover kit
Our So DIY Sleepover kit

We do sometimes find that after a few hours together, after that initial excitement has worn off, that things can get a little fractious, so it’s good to have a few little things to do ready.

As you know we’ve been big fans of the So DIY ranges for ages now and they make the perfect treat and fun activity for a sleepover.

One kt for three bombs made that and some spare!

We love the bath bombs, they are easy to make, ensure there are no arguments over bath time when that comes around. At 6 the boys still like a bath and aren’t embarrassed by it. They are also mostly always filthy so need it! As the bath bombs require a bit of concentration and plenty of time to dry and set we try to get these done early on.

Loved the glow in the dark slime!!

The slime is always a massive hit. What kid doesn’t love slime!? Again it’s super quick and easy and is guaranteed to produce giggles and chaos in equal measure. There is a slime for every occasion, for a sleepover we like Glow in the Dark.

The nice thing is that SO DIY range is brilliantly priced so the kids can make loads and have some to take home too. Bath bombs are probably best if you want to remain friends with parents, unless you know they are a Slime friendly house.

We know the bays had an ace time and having a few quick things to made it easier on me too.

Disclosure – we were gifted our So DIY products but all thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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