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Sling Stix – Review & Competition

I’m always on the lookout for fun summer games I can play with L. We love being outdoors and running round and have no end of garden toys. I am always happy to add to his outdoor toy selection though, anything that keeps him outdoors is great in my book. So we were delighted to be asked to review Sling Stix. Helix Sling StixSling Stix is a really simple idea. Two ‘Stix’ each with a super sticky suction cup and release mechanism you use to play throw and catch with.

To be fair it is really good fun just as a simple throwing and catching game, but it gets better than that. You see you can Sling the ball as far as 30ft, which is pretty epic. You can also get a bit tricksy as you improve those skills, with all manner of fun leaps, twists and rolls to catch that bouncy ball.Helix Sling Stix

L is clearly a smidge young for this game but he grasped the concept immediately and loved trying to catch the ball on the stick and chasing after it when he missed.

I have zero hand eye co-ordination so my game play was hardly a step up on his if I’m honest!!Helix Sling Stix

I love this because it’s so easy to pick up and really good fun. It was a blast running round like idiots on our local playing field. It is small, light and easy to carry around, always a plus with games like this and it is completely affordable.Helix Sling Stix

A big thumbs up from us.

Sling Stix is available from Smyths, Argos and Amazon with an RRP of £14.99. Designed for ages 6yrs +

If you fancy winning Sling Stix for some outdoor fun this summer just add your details to the Gleam App below.

Good luck xxHelix Sling Stix

Win Sling Stix from Helix

Disclosure – Helix have kindly supplied the prize as well as sending me Sling Stix in return for an honest reviewHelix Sling Stix

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31 thoughts on “Sling Stix – Review & Competition”

  1. Love to win this great prize for my daughter Sheriah 5 and baby Charlie who is almost 2

  2. What a great looking game! I’m always looking for something great to play with my neice and nephew when they come to visit. I think they would enjoy this!

  3. do love garden games, mch prefer to play with the kids outside than in, would love to try it x

  4. I’m always on the lookout for different outdoor games, this game looks fun my kids would enjoy this.xxx

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