So Sand DIY

So Sand DIY

L has been playing with one of the new kits in the So Sand DIY range, the Satisfying Sand Ball Case. You can’t go wrong with a bit of magic sand to play with over the long summer holidays, especially on those days when the weather isn’t great and you’re stuck inside.

So Sand DIY

We loved the general idea of So Sand DIY. Making your own magic sand by adding colour and glitter or sequins, then having different tools to mould it and pay with it. Being big fans of the other So DIY ranges we knew it would be great quality and a lot of fun.

Opening the So Sand DIY kit

L’s kit came with in a big ball that is patterned for pushing into the sand and you can use for storage, handy! You also get a cutting tool, moud and guide, three bags of magic sand, three bags of coloured sand and three bags of decoration (glitter or sequins).

It’s so simple to use, just grab a bag of agc sand, select your colour and knead the two together. Then add you decorations and get to playing.

What you get

L loved that he got to create his own coloured sand and he really likes the cutting tool and the guide that allows you to make nice neat lines. It’s very relaxing and quite therapeutic to do.

Mixing the colours

His only grudge is all the girly colours. I have to say I agree with him. The sand could come in any range of colours, bright primary colours, but they don’t the sands and all the things they come with are rather feminine.

Sadly this meant that he refused to make anything other than the green sand. He didn’t want to add the decorations, which is fine, more glitters for my craft stash. He was also more than happy to play with the magic sand as it came, white. So all was not lost. It’s just frustrating .

So sand DIY cutting tool and guide

I can tell him there is no such thing as boys colours and girls colours until I am blue in the face, trust me I have tried, it is infuriating. But he will still tell me that pastels and pinks and purples are girly colours and he doesn’t like them.

The sand itself is fabulous quality and we’ve actually added it to some magic sand we already had at home and the cutting tools have gone nicely into the play box for using with it. I love the idea behind the range and the other kits look great, they come in varying sizes and are very reasonably priced. A really good summer holiday activity.

Mixed sand play

Disclosure – we were gifted our kit, all thoughts opinions and images are my own.

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