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So Slime DIY – Review

I had managed to avoid the whole slime craze with L, but I have caved. Only because the right product came along though. June see’s the launch of Canal Toys in the UK and their So Slime DIY range is excellent. Mainly because it is easy and mess free. So Slime DIYWe were sent the So Slime DIY Factory (£19.99) to have a play with. So Slime DIY

Immediately I had to refer back to the press release I was sent as I could not believe how much it came with and was sure I must have got the £19.99 price tag wrong. I hadn’t. This slime factory is amazing value for money. So Slime DIY

With the factory kit you have two design choices, Cute Collectibles and Creepy Crawlies. The not so subtle gender bias with these is somewhat irritating but it is the only thing that lets the products down.

We have the Cute Collectables version of the slime factory and in that you get; 1 Slime Factory, 10 slime powders, confetti and glitter, 4 surprise figurines, 1 tool and funnel, 3 slime shakers and stickers.So Slime DIY

Colour wise there is a mix of pastels and neons, a really great choice. You can then add glitter or confetti as you choose. So Slime DIY

The factory set up is good for storage if you are going to keep it out all the time and it also adds to the fun. You have a larger mixing pot with a hand turn mechanical mixer as well as three shaker pots which we have to store our slime in. So Slime DIY

You also got a little area to store the surprise figures, three glitter tubes to decant the sachets of glitter into, even a little funnel is provided to make this easier. There is a mixing tool as well to help finish off the slime.

So Slime DIYYou get instructions in the kit but it really is so easy. Just add water to the slime powders and mix. Wait a couple of minutes and you have slime. Even with an excitable child there was literally no mess, none! We’ve made three pots of slime and when they get a bit manky, we’ll make some more. We loved playing with our factory and had a really easy and fun afternoon crafting.So Slime DIY

There are so many other products available in the range as well. Three packs for £9.99 including shakers, glitter, slime powder and surprise figures. Single packs at £3.99, what a great pocket money treat! Then there is my personal favourite, the So Slime DIY case at £14.99, the case is the perfect way to store all your equipment and finished slimes. So Slime DIY

These are great value for money and an instant hit at home, with both the child and me. I do love a craft that we can both enjoy and doesn’t make a mess. It is so quick to set up and you get near instant results.

So Slime DIY

So Slime DIY products are available from most good toy stores including Ryman and SmythsSo Slime DIY

Disclosure – we were gifted our set in return for an honest review. Slime DIY Brand Ambassador

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