Angry Birds Frubes #FrubesMoves

Some very groovy #FrubesMoves

I’ll be honest, L literally doesn’t need an excuse to have a dance. Any time, any place he’s up for a sing and a wiggle. So taking part in the #FrubesMoves challenge with BritMums and Yoplait Frubes was a no brainer for us.

Angry Birds Frubes #FrubesMoves
We can’t keep this one still

Today he was singing Old MacDonald’s Farm, in the middle of a museum. If he’s at home he’s always asking for the music on so we can have a dance together. Let’s not even talk about the epic car singing. I mean the louder you can la, la, la to any song the better right?! At least he seems partial to Fall Out Boy and Foo Fighters.

Angry Birds Frubes #FrubesMoves
Angry Birds Frubes #FrubesMoves

I’ll keep the post brief, as it’s mainly captured in image form. I know all you want is a video of a dancing toddler!!
So what is #FrubesMoves all about. I certainly didn’t know. Well, Frubes have partnered up with The Angry Birds Movie. The packaging is ace and the classic flavours in the fun squeezy form are as good as ever.

It’s not only fun packaging though, Frubes created a dance-off between the Angry Birds and mischievous Pigs over on, where you can egg on your favourite character.

Hence the request to get us all dancing. It’s a giggle.

We’ve been fans of Frubes for a while, before L was born even, I’m a big kid I know. But they are so portable and so tasty, and that childish part of me does love being able to squeeze yogurt into my mouth.

With L about the benefits are obvious. Perfect portion size. Fun. Easy to take on a day out. Pretty much mess free. and with plenty vitamin D and calcium for strong bones.

Angry Birds Frubes #FrubesMoves
Enjoyable tubes of yogurt

So without further ado, here’s a little music video from my lovely little boy.

Disclosure – this post is an entry for BritMums’ #FrubesMoves Linky Challenge, sponsored by Frubes

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