Something to “Sprout” about

An exciting new range of cakes from Everfresh Natural Foods really is something to shout about. Not only are the cakes created using a minimal number of high quality organic and natural ingredients, there are no preservatives*, stabilisers or flavourings in sight. These new cakes have been specially created with those on plant based diets in mind and incorporate the goodness of sprouted grains as well as using no added sugar, dairy or egg products.


The sprouting means the grains used in the everfresh cakes have been allowed to germinate before being blended into the batter. It’s thought that by sprouting grains their nutritional benefits are boosted and this is currently an exciting area of nutritional research.

Whilst the cakes might be missing the usual additives associated with shop bought cakes, they certainly aren’t lacking anything when it comes to taste and texture. The sprouted grains give the cakes a soft and moist feel, whilst the use of real food ingredients, like figs, pecan nuts and carrots, means they’re bursting with intense flavours and the range includes exciting varieties like completely new vegan friendly Chocolate cake, Banana & Walnut, Carrot & Raisin, Date & Pecan, Fig & Orange and two wheat free Rye Cakes (Fruit and Ginger).

To find out more or to buy visit www.everfreshnaturalfoods.com, where prices start at just £2 a cake.


FULL RANGE: Chocolate Cake, Carrot & Raisin, Date & Pecan, Fig & Orange, Stem Ginger, Banana & Walnut Cake, Traditional Fruit Cake, Wheat Free Rye Ginger and Wheat Free Rye Fruit Cake.

*Simply steamed – the cakes are preserved by being heated, using steam, once they’ve been packed, which removes the need for preservatives and stabilisers

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