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To My Son on Your Third Birthday

Oh my word tomorrow is your birthday and you will be three years old and I literally don’t know where the time has gone.

You have changed so much this year it is hard to know what to say to you.

Smelling flowers bressingham
I asked him to smell the flowers, picturing a gorgeous shot in my head, this is what he does.

More than anything I want you to know how loved you are and how special you are. I hope you know this anyway and it is doesn’t need to be written down.

Dinosaur was getting a cuddle
Dinosaur was getting a cuddle

You have been very busy this year and especially these last few weeks. I hope it hasn’t been too much for you. You seem to take it all in your stride.

About Me - Why I Started
Let’s be honest, he is why I started

This year has seen you really get to grips with nursey and go from clinging to me at every drop off to running in by yourself with barely a backwards glance for your poor mummy. I do prefer this though. It broke my heart seeing you struggle with it so much.

Who should be king? Let the dragons decide
Who should be king? Let the dragons decide

You aare a real little chatter box, and so so caring. You hate when any of friends are sad and are the first to offer up a hug. The same goes for your mummy and daddy, and it really means so much to me to see what a lovely little boy you are and you are really such a comfort to me.

Family Time
Family Time

I have soent nearly every day this last year with you, apart from Nursery and the odd day away here and there. So the next big change for you will be me going to back to work for a while. We won’t have quite the same amount of time together we did and we’ll be more rushed. I have a feeling you’ll handle it better than me though.

Golf time
Golf time, he’s so grown up

I have loved being able to spend so much time with you and know how lucky I have been to be able to that. You are my best little buddy and I love just hanging out with you at home playing, going to the zoo or enjoying a drink and a cake when we’re out and about. You are funny and charming and just so cute. 

Making Holiday Memories Devon 2016
Making Holiday Memories Devon 2016

What else have you learnt this last year? Just so much. You have really started talking, entire sentences and you learn new words daily. You have started counting. Expressing emotion. Making friends. Forming your own opinions on things you love and things you hate.

Exploring the woods
Exploring the woods

You have learnt to scoot. You can walk so far. We ditched your pushchair this year. Moved you into a junior bed. Sold the travel cot so when you stay away you sleep in a full sized bed.

We’ve been on great holidays. Had some amazing day trips and explored so much.

My helper for the day
Using a bucket for a safety hat

Don’t get me wrong you have pushed all my buttons to the point of madness. There are times when you take your cheekiness a step to far. You certainly believe in pushing boundries. But when it comes down to it I wouldn’t change a single thing about you, not for anything in this world.

Cute ain't he? Lethal though
Cute ain’t he? 

I hope you have a fantastic birthday tomorrow and enjoy celebrating with your family. I’ve seen your presents and know you will be thoroughly spoilt. Have a wonderful day my little one.

I love you.

Happy Birthday


Great new look
Mummy and son

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