SoundSOUL Aroma Diffuser

SoundSoul Aroma Diffuser Review & Competition

The SoundSOUL Aroma Diffuser is an easy, stylish and practical way to introduce light and scent into your home.

Whether like me you enjoy the benefits of essential oils for meditation and relaxation or you want the practical benefits of a good clean scent this is for you.

SoundSOUL Aroma Diffuser In Box
SoundSOUL Aroma Diffuser In Box

I have actually been using our Aroma Diffuser in the kitchen, with it’s long cord I could easily set it up on my windowsill, just above the kitchen sink, without worrying that I wasn’t that close to a socket.

The crisp and simple white design allows to it to sit seamlessly with my pictures frames and kitchen gadgets, not looking remotely out of place. I would happily use this in an office space, sitting room or bedroom as well. That is the beauty of a plain design, it will work in any setting.

SoundSOUL Aroma Diffuser
SoundSOUL Aroma Diffuser

We kept ours in the kitchen for the purely practical use of keeping it smelling fresh, our kitchen is  busy room, like many and the cooking odours can really spoil it, now this problem is fixed.

I also like to have the light turned on whilst I’m cooking in the evening, I like it rotating slowly through all the colour options, I find it quite soothing as I work away but I do like that you can flick through the colours and choose to have just one on permanently and that you can select between two brightness levels.

SoundSOUL Aroma Diffuser Light
SoundSOUL Aroma Diffuser Light

The unit itself is really easy to use, one button to turn on the diffuser which you can press multiple times to select the length of time you want it to run for, the auto cut off feature is brilliant, it takes away the worry of forgetting. Then there is a second button to turn on the lights, which you again can just keep pressing to cycle through the colour choices. The light turns off automatically when the diffuser turns off.

To fill you simply lift off the outer ‘lid’ for want of a better term and fill the reservoir using the provided jug, pop in a few drops of your favourite  oil. I like peppermint and tea tree in the kitchen, zing and refreshing with that clean anti bacterial smell from the tea tree. It automatically cuts out when the tank is empty so you never have to worry about that and I have found it lasts for around  4 hours, which is less than billed, but still plenty enough for us. It is also warm in our kitchen so some of the water may actually be evaporating.

SoundSOUL Aroma Diffuser In Use
SoundSOUL Aroma Diffuser In Use

I like that it creates an actual mist, I think this adds to the calming affect of the lights and scent by giving you something to watch, but it also enables me to direct the scent, because I can see it. By drawing in air from the back of the unit the mist is propelled up and forward, making it more effective.

I’m really pleased with this simple and great value diffuser and if I ever get my garden office I would buy one to go in it! You can find it on Amazon.

If you like the sound of this I’ve been given one for you to win, simply enter your details into the app below.

Win an Aroma Diffuser

Disclosure – I was gifted my diffuser in return for an honest review along with one to giveaway as a prize. 

4 thoughts on “SoundSoul Aroma Diffuser Review & Competition”

  1. I would never have thought to use it in the kitchen, but that sounds like a fab way to dispel cooking odours.

  2. I’m s little confused by your site. However I’m interested in entering your competition and it said if I visited your facebook page I would have and entry. I’ve done that so I guess this is my competition entry – I was interested in the difuser.

    1. Hi Ann, so long as you clicked through from the Gleam competition app at the bottom of the page (there’s a button/link that says win an aroma diffuser) it will have registered. It tells you at the top of the app how many entries you’ve gained so you can see. Xx

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