Soup Glorious Soup

Do you know what the best things about winter are? It’s easy.  Christmas, snow, the beach, hot chocolate and soup. Done, that’s it, a perfect winter for me. 

Christmas, I love it, best time of the year ever, love it, love it, love it!

Snow, if and when it happens it is always magical.

The beach, if you live near the coast then you’ll understand, the beach at winter is perfect.

Hot chocolate, only truly enjoyable in the colder months. A big mug with whipped cream and sprinkles. The perfect winter treat.

Soup, my favourite of all the food groups. Yummy. Quick and easy to make, filling and wholesome, everyone loves it. Warming and soothing. With so many flavours to choose from.

My Soups & Mug from Crosse and Blackwell
My Soups & Mug from Crosse and Blackwell

So imagine how happy I was to be approached by Crosse & Blackwell to review their Best of British range, plus get a fab microwaveable soup mug.

The range consists of classic flavour combinations and is perfect for fulfilling my wintry dreams, with Cream of Roast Chicken, Carrot & Coriander, Winter Vegetable, Roast Chicken & Vegetable, Broccoli & Stilton,  Pea & Ham, Beef Root Vegetable & Ale as well as Leek & Potato.

That is a fairly good list and bound to have one of your favourite’s on there. For me it would be Broccoli & Stilton closely followed by Leek & Potato, nummy.

I got sent the Winter Vegetable and Leek & Potato varieties to try  so can vouch for their scrumminess. Packed full of flavour they make the perfect easy lunch for the boy and me to enjoy, especially on those days we’ve been playing outside in the cold or for when I want something quick and easy to make.

L enjoying some soup
L enjoying some soup

As for that handy little mug, well, well, well, there was a bit of a battle for that, one I sadly lost. The mug, tin of soup and a spoon have been stashed at husb’s office so he can have something other than a sandwich for his lunch some days. He was very happy.

Me wanting it to keep warm during the hours of of outdoors play time was not a good enough reason to deprive him of a warm lunch apparently.

Disclosure – we were sent some soup and a mug in return for my honest thoughts

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