Colorista from Spectrum Noir

The Spectrum Noir Colorista Range

Just before Christmas I was contacted by the wonderful people at Crafter’s Companion, a leading papercraft company who create and sell some amazing products that get us crafty types all excited. They wanted to know if I would like to review the recently launched Colorista Range from Spectrum Noir.

Colorista from Spectrum Noir
My delivery

I love colouring in, it’s something that is quite easy to fit in around everything else and something I can even do with L. I can set him up with his own colouring book and crayons whilst I enjoy my own. So of course I said yes.

The range consists of fine and blendable pencils and twin tip markers, as well as premium pads in different sizes and themes with colourable glitter and spot-foil accents. These products are a thing of dreams for someone like me. When my massive parcel arrived I squealed with delight as my husband sat back and rolled his eyes, knowing exactly what would be coming next. An over excited wife telling him about things he couldn’t care less about.

Colorista from Spectrum Noir
Greeting Card – Enjoy Every Moment

There were packs of beautifully coloured pencils, pencils which are so soft and smooth they are a delight to colour with. They sharpen nicely too, no ragged edges here. The effects you can create colouring with them are superb, from deep bright colours to soft hints of colour. Even blending from from one colour to another is easy.

I love that each pack of pencils contains a complimenting range of colours, so if you can’t afford them all, you can still treat yourself to a pack at a time and be able to create something amazing. The same goes for the pens on that front as well actually.

Colorista from Spectrum Noir
An evening colouring with pencils and foil accents

The marker pens are also brilliant, the range of colours is impressive and they are nice and solid to hold, quite chunky as it happens. With twin tips for fine or block colouring you can get really quite intricate with what you are doing, although maybe the fine end could get away with being a bit finer. They have made it easy to open up the correct end as well by not only labelling each side with a little picture but also putting a ring of grey around the thicker end, so you can see at a glance what you are opening.

Colorista from Spectrum Noir
Greeting card – Home Sweet Home

What impressed me most was their brush like quality, they are so easy to colour with, even large areas, which normally I wouldn’t attempt with a pen, as you usually get obvious lines and marks as you colour each joining section.  With the Colorista Pens those marks are minimal and I coloured entire background sections that I would normally leave as blank paper of revert back to pencil for.

Colorista from Spectrum Noir
Pretty red hearts with glitter

The pads are really special. With ones specifically for pencils and ones for markers you now you are getting the right paper for the the right equipment. There are large A4 pads and smaller 5 x 7 Pads, which are great for a quick colouring fix over a couple of evenings. Even sets of greeting cards for you to colour and hand out during the year, so if you have ever fancied trying your hand at colouring but didn’t know what to do with the filled pads of beautiful pictures then the greeting cards are perfect.

Colorista from Spectrum Noir
Starting a new project, note the pretty pencil case 🙂

There are so many design options, books filled with Mandelas, nature themes, underwater, florals and even bold and bright quotes and statements to colour. There is something for everyone and I haven’t even got to the best bit yet. Some of the pads have foiled accents, pages with gold or silver foil highlighting some of the lines or objects, really making the completed picture stand out. Then there are the pads with glitter that you can colour in. Amazing.

Colorista from Spectrum Noir

    Greeting card, follow your heart

 The foiled pads actually help you stay within the lines a bit and are very forgiving of the odd slip. The glitter pads are just so pretty.  I was a bit worried that colouring over rough glitter would spoil my pretty new pens, but it doesn’t. Not at all. It does give a different shade to the pen though, the glitter sections come up lighter than the paper sections, so it creates a lovely, subtle contrast without having to change pens.

Colorista from Spectrum Noir
Small marker pad with glitter highlights

Adult colouring has become a global phenomenon, not least owing to its wellbeing and meditative effects which is actually why I really got into it. I find it calming after a stressful day. An enjoyable and easy way for to craft with no mess, no set up time and nothing to clean away afterwards. I have been so impressed with this range I even had to source myself some new storage for the pens and pencils! Just to keep everything pristine.

I’ve got a lot of colouring time ahead of me, but now I’ve found this range, I can’t see me straying from it. The quality is just superb and the range is second to none.

Colorista from Spectrum Noir
Some cards

Disclosure – I was gifted my products in return for an honest review.

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