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Spooky Treats from Red Letter Days

After writing about some grown up Halloween experiences last week, it got me thinking about much fun it really would be to get away and do something different this year. That being said, I still the love the idea of having some flexibility around when you actually travel and not having to commit to dates unless you are ready to, so I’ve come up with some more options but this time from the fabulous Red Letter Days.

Red Letter Days Escape Room
Can you escape in time?
Escape Room for Two in London – £80

Head to Holloway in Greater London and you and a friend get to choose between two rooms to escape from before the time runs out. Will you opt for The Breakout and use tactical skills to break your boss out from prison? Or, will you go for my Halloween option, The Killer, this room is simple, you need to escape in time to survive, just channel all that horror movie knowledge to get away.

The War of the Worlds Immersive Experience
Will you join the rebellion?
The War of the Worlds Experience and Meal for Two – £169

Experience Jeff Wayne’s The War of the Worlds like never before. With amazing sets, live performances and stunning virtual reality elements you will really feel like you are there. As you are exploring you’ll get to take a twenty minute break in The Red Weed Bar to enjoy a glass of champagne each, a must when trying to escape Martian invaders attacking Victorian London. If you survive you’ll also get to enjoy another glass and a meal at The Spirit of Man.

Red letter days Zombie experience
Ready for the apocalypse?
Two Hour Zombie Infection Experience for Two – £149.99

So we all know with my absolute fear of zombies there’s no way I would be attending this one, but it sounds so horrifying it would be a perfect Halloween experience. With six terrifying locations across the country to choose from you could be suited up and ready with your ammo and weapons in no time, ready to battle zombies in this immersive experience. Zombie apocalypse survival knowledge is a must.

Red Letter Days Murder Mystery Weekend
Will you solve the crime?
Murder Mystery Hotel Break with Dinner for Two – £179

Now I’m not sure if I love, or hate, the idea of a murder mystery evening. On the one hand I love a good murder mystery, I’ve read all the books and watched all the films, I feel solving the crime could be where my skills lie. I’m also surprisingly competitive and love to ‘win’ this type of thing. But then, on the other hand, I hate being the centre of attention and meeting new people and am not great a group participation. It’s a dilemma. What I know for sure I love about this experience is with a choice of 28 locations we’d be able to travel somewhere new, enjoy a night away in a lovely hotel and have a delicious three course meal.

Doctor Who Walking Tour London
Enjoy the tour!
Doctor Who Walking Tour of London for Two – £30

My final pick is maybe not the scariest or spookiest but I think it would be a lot of fun. Head out into London for a tour of famous Doctor Who locations, you’ll find out how certain episodes were made whilst visiting the location of the Slitheen Transmitter and getting to see where the Cybermen invaded. In fact you’ll visit over 15 different sights during this tour that lasts around two and a half hours. Try and slip this one in before the end of the month when they close for the season, but don’t worry your voucher will last long enough that you can use it next year when they re-open in April if your October is as hectic as mine!

About Red Letter Days

Here is some quick information about Red Letter Days so you know you can book in confidence. Vouchers are valid for ten months and due to the current situation with Covid any vouchers that had been bought previously and hadn’t been used can get a free extension, they plan on keeping this up for the foreseeable future. Most vouchers can be exchanged for free too, so if you get someone a gift experience that they really don’t like or isn’t actually anywhere near them they can exchange it free of charge for one they do want. They have a vast selection to choose from so you will be able to find that perfect gift and enjoy the flexibility that Red Letter Days offer.

Disclosure – this is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Images are from Red Letter Days.

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