Starting School Buying Guide

With L starting school in September I am well on my way to having everything together that he needs. I think. I hope. So I’ve pulled together a little list of what I have got so far.

Feeling Calm
Ready to go to school. He’ll look so smart in his uniform

Uniform – I have been lucky that his school have sent me a comprehensive list of everything that he’ll need on the uniform front and I’m slowly working my way through it. I have bought the vast majority of his uniform from Tesco, the prices are great, the quality seems spot on, they offer an embroidery service and I can get a few bits every week with my grocery shop which has helped spread the cost and been a fairly pain free of getting everything.

Our fab and funky set (L’s name removed, obviously)

Name Labels – an absolute must and not just for his uniform, but literally anything that will be going into that building with him. I love the labels from Easy2Name that I reviewed earlier in the year and having already got a good stock of them I have been labelling as I’ve been buying. L was able to get involved picking out his labels and that was really exciting for him.

Travelling with Rescue

Rescue Remedy – this is 100% for me. As you all know I am feeling more than a little overwhelmed and sad about L starting school. But I cannot afford to feel wobbly about it in front of him, so I’m falling back on my trusted Rescue Remedy. As ever this is my go to product for any time I’m feeling anxious, sad or nervous. I’ve been using it for years and I know it’s safe for children too, so I can always let L have some if he starts feeling too emotional about the whole thing.

Such a great lunch box

Boxes and Bottles – I didn’t really know how to head this one up, but even though L will be having cooked lunches at school he still needed a little lunch box for snacks and the odd school trip. He obviously needed a water bottle. He had also got it in his head that he really needed a pencil case, in reception he does not, but I have been happy to indulge these little things if it gets him excited about school. For this little boxes and bottles I headed to the Miffy store, they had everything I wanted, they were super cute and could be personalised. L loves his little lunch box and it’s just the right size for him.

Footy Bed
This would be perfect in his revamped room

Bedroom – obviously he has a bedroom, but the one thing left on our to do list before September is to revamp his bedroom. It is still very much a nursery with a bed in it and both myself and husb think it would be great to get him set up in a big boy bedroom, ready for being a big boy going to school. We need to remove his wall stickers, update his bed, sort some better toy storage and fit in somewhere for his friends to sleep over. I don’t honestly know if we’ll get this fitted in or not before school but it hasn’t stopped me looking for things and we love this Footy Bed from Furnish Your Home. It’s got that big boy feel to it, whilst still being fun and best of all it has a pull out day bed ready and waiting for his friends. Perfect.

Disclosure – I have been sent samples of some of the things included in this list. All opinions are my own.

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