Stop Unwanted Calls for Good

How much do sales calls, PPI claim calls and people trying to make you claim for non existent accident calls annoy you? Well they annoy me, a lot. The CPR Call Blocker has been designed to end this.

CPR Call Blocker V5000
CPR Call Blocker V5000

Call Blocker Set Up

I’m registered with TPS but  that doesn’t seem to stop them, I’m careful about who I give my number to and what boxes I tick on forms, but again, this only does so much. More worryingly my husband’s granddad now doesn’t answer his phone, at all, to anyone, even us, purely down to the volume of nuisance calls he gets. Clearly, this is worrying for us if we can’t get hold of him.

That’s where the CPR Call Blocker comes in, you really easily attach your phone to it and then any time you get an unwanted call you hit the big red ‘block’ button and it saves the number to a list stopping it ever getting through again.

Setting Up The Call Blocker
Setting Up The Call Blocker

It’s already pre-programmed with 5000 known numbers, so it starts working the second you plug it in and you get to block another 1500 numbers, that should be enough to always keep away the nuisance calls.

Don’t worry if you accidentally block someone by accident, just go through the block list, find the number and hit delete, they’ll be able to get through again.

It really is very simple to use, the large buttons mean it is suitable for the elderly and at only £69.99 it’s not a very expensive way to get peace of mind as well as peace and quiet!

The CPR Call Blocker V5000 is priced at £69.99 and is available from as well as other major retailers including Tesco, Maplin, B&Q and online via Amazon.

In fact I’m so impressed with it and how easy it is to use we are actually going to set husb’s granddad up with one, I trust that he can use it and it won’t result in the level of phone calls and visits changing the TV did!! I’m very confident that it will help and he won’t feel the need to unplug his phone any more.

Check out my video showing the call blocker from unboxing to set up and first use.

Disclosure – we were gifted our unit in exchange for our honest review.

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