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You may remember earlier in the year I  mentioned I had become a brand ambassador for Neusu. Well I’ve just had a lovely delivery of storage solutions so thought I’d give you a quick update.

If you missed my first post you can find it here.

In my latest delivery I was sent the 70 Litre Neusu Clothes Bag in Black, Neusu 40L Twin Pack which is also black and Stupidly Useful 85L Underbed Bag.

Now I’m not going to go into loads of details about what I’ve done with them. That could get a bit boring for all of us. But I will give you a quick recap on why I love them.

My latest Neusu delivery

Now the Clothes Bag has all my summer wardrobe in it. The Stupidly Useful Underbed Bag is awaiting a use as I already have one, under the bed, which has all of our bedding and ski wear vacuum packed in it. The 2 x 40L bags are under the bed, one with board games and the other with all of my wrapping bits in. You know rolls of paper, gifts bags, bows and tapes etc.

So why do I love them.

Well the are strong. obscenely strong. They get a hard life in our house. Filled to the top. Lots of weight. Lots of being pulled and moved about. They handle it superbly and frankly are still as good as new. They use a 600D fabric.

The handles have a unique design which means they actually carry on all the way around the bag, so starting on one side at the top, the handle fabric then runs down the side of the bag, underneath and back up to the other side, as one continuous strap. The handles are also double stitched in, so you can easily hold and drag really heavy items with no worries.

They all use strong zips which always open further than you need them to. So you can open them up and fill them with ease. It’s just a simple little thought that makes them great to use.

Finally the price points are always really good and if you get them from the Neusu Amazon Store you can get them next day using Prime, whoop whoop!

So do I recommend them? Yes, yes I do.

Neusu Brand Ambassador
Neusu Brand Ambassador

Disclosure – I was sent my bags free of charge as part of being an Ambassador.


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