Summer Healing with Elastoplast

We know that as the sun comes out we all crawl off the sofa and outdoors for some much needed vitamin D. With this comes family adventures through the forest or runs on the beach, but with all this fun often comes cuts and scrapes.

This summer L has ditched the stabilisers so we’re literally just waiting for the first tumble and grazed elbows and knees. Plus we are literally living in a building site at the moment!


Research conducted by Elastoplast has found that almost a third of UK parents (29%) spend less than 2 hours a week playing outdoors with their children, despite it being shown that 1 in 5 parents said they felt younger after playing outdoors with their children and a third felt more relaxed – with this in  mind Elastoplast has found a way for to keep you safe while making those important memories….

*NEW* from Elastoplast, they have masterminded a quick and complication-free three-step routine that helps you and your families’ injuries heal up to 2x faster compared to untreated wounds. Helping the toughest little (and big) explorers get back to enjoying summer activities.

We got sent the three step routine to try and within 15 minutes of the parcel being opened I needed it. Me, not the kid, I stubbed my toe with such ferocity I split my toe nail, youch! So I got to put the products to the test straight away and was very pleased with the results.


Product information:

  • Elastoplast Wound Spray (100ml) – RRSP* £3.75
  • Elastoplast Fabric Plasters (40s) – RRSP* £3.60
  • Elastoplast Wound Healing Ointment (20g) – RRP* £2.35 (only relevant for the 20g size)

*Retailing selling prices are at the retailer’s sole discretion

·         Cleanse – The first step to optimal healing is making sure it is clean. Cleanse your wound from dirt and visible particles with Elastoplast Wound Spray to prevent infection

·         Protect – Guard your wound from dirt and bacteria to allow it to heal properly. Cover your wound with a plaster you can trust from Elastoplast. For joints and moving parts, we recommend the extra flexible Elastoplast Fabric Plasters

·         Heal – And last but not least, apply clinically proven Elastoplast Wound Healing Ointment regularly until the wound has healed completely. This helps your wound to heal faster, safer and even reduces the chance of scarring


The wound spray is flipping excellent and doesn’t sting at all, it just allows for an easy clean and we’ve used it L a few times since the toe incident for various bumps and scrapes with great success. He thinks it’s a magic healing spray.

I’ve always loved the classic fabric plasters. They a so flexible they comfortably cover any wound and they stick better than anything else I’ve ever tried. For a long time I’ve gone to the fabric plasters first.

The healing ointment was another pleasant surprise, quite thick and easy to get in the right place my poor toe healed far quicker than I thought it would and I didn’t lose the nail which was also a bit of a surprise to me. It’s worked wonders on a nasty graze of the kid’s leg too.

All three products now get slipped into my bag when we are going out and will remain a staple in the medicine cabinet at home. There’ll be no stopping us getting out and about this summer!

Disclosure – we were sent the Elastoplast three step routine to look at. This post uses the official press release and my own honest thoughts and opinions. Images are supplied from Elastoplast.

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