Zuru Bunch o Balloons

Summer is here! Celebrate with Zuru Bunch o Balloons

Oh my word the heatwave is still going strong here in Norfolk, so what do you do when you get sent a massive set of Water Balloons from Zuru Bunch o Balloons and the weather is gorgeous. Well there’s only one thing for it, descend on the grandparents house!

Zuru Bunch o Balloons
When you get sent this
Zuru Bunch o Balloons
and the weather looks like this
Zuru Bunch o Balloons
then you have to go to see your grandparents

Last Sunday we had the best day! We got  brilliant set from Zuru with 4 bunches of balloons, 2 launchers and 2 bags for the filled balloons. You also get the hose adaptors should you need them. 

Zuru Bunch o Balloons
Filling is easy

The set is awesome, the launchers make it really good fun and allow you to fling the balloons a really long way. The bags for the balloons are just really handy, they allow you to keep everything together and add to the team feel. You could take your team’s balloons to one side of the garden easily and set up a defensive point!

Zuru Bunch o Balloons
The launcher makes a great hat?!

We’ve used the balloons before and love the quick fill, self tying nature of them. They are easy and simple to use and allow you to have maximum fun with minimum fuss. The balloons and the fillers are made from recycled materials and can be recycled themselves which is great and makes me a lot better about using them, it’s nice to see a massive brand being so environmentally responsible.

Zuru Bunch o Balloons
The moment they got L, daddy felt dreadful, L thought it was brilliant
Zuru Bunch o Balloons
These two kept me laughing

It was the perfect way for us to spend a summer day, Mr Summer really did visit us. I haven’t had so much fun or laughed so much in ages. My Father in Law completely forget about the very nasty arm break he had suffered earlier in the year and got a bit too carried away, husb was fully into it and L was in his element. To be fair out of the three of them I’m not sure who the biggest kid was!

If you want Mr Summer to come and visit your house Zuru Bunch o Balloons have a fantastic prize pack to giveaway including a launcher, 3 bunches of balloons and a 3 pack of Minions balloons, so say hello to summer and enter your details into the Gleam App below.

Win Zuru Bunch o Balloons

Zuru Bunch o Balloons
Direct hit to granddad

Disclosure – we were gifted our products in exchange for this review, all opinions are my own and hopefully the pictures speak for themselves!

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  1. My son has been desperate for these for ages but everywhere seems to be sold out! These are like gold dust.

  2. I am sure that my grandchildren would have fun playing with these balloons!

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