Sylvanian Seaside Ice Cream Shop

Summer with Sylvanian Families Seaside Ice Cream Shop

In the middle of this heat wave it is nice having a way we can enjoy the summertime indoors, when it has got too hot to play. I’m also happy to have some back up for when it’s raining. The Sylvanian Families Seaside Ice Cream Shop is the perfect way to do that.

Sylvanian Seaside Ice Cream Shop
Our Sylvanian Seaside Ice Cream Shop

It was really easy to set up, with only a few main parts to click together, some stickers to decorate and then of course all the ice creams to display.

Sylvanian Seaside Ice Cream Shop
So excited!

It comes with over 25 parts. Which is amazing. So you get your Seaside Ice Cream Shop, the owner, Striped Cat Mother, tables, chairs, an ice cream bar, ice cream, ice cream cones, bowls and spoons. You even get a little story book!

Sylvanian Seaside Ice Cream Shop
Story book included

Some of the parts are super small, so I do sometimes have to close my eyes as I see L getting all excited and toddler like, ice creams end up behind things, under furniture, you name it. The size of the parts is also why they recommend the toy for ages 3+. They would be straight in the mouths of younger children.

Sylvanian Seaside Ice Cream Shop
Its so detailed and comes with loads of accessories

I was unsure how much L would like this. We don’t really have any toys like it yet. He has more stand alone toys rather than little sets like this. But he was straight into it. He loves that it is a little cat running the shop and really wants more animals to play with. He enjoys creating his own ice cream mixes. They have made the flavours so they snap onto one another and you can stack your cones high.

Sylvanian Seaside Ice Cream Shop
Stripey Mother Cat

Every now and then one of his cars will crash into the shop or there will be a fire which needs putting out and he’ll start incorporating his other toys into the play.

Sylvanian Seaside Ice Cream Shop
Making an ice cream

It has certainly sparked his imagination and that’s lovely for me to see as I loved Sylvanian Families when I was a child. It’s great that this Seaside Ice Cream Shop can be connected onto other buildings in the range and I’m loving that for all the new things they have added it is still very similar to how I remember it.

Sylvanian Seaside Ice Cream Shop
love watching L play with his Ice Cream Shop

I asked L if he liked it, a week or so after he’d received it so the initial glow had worn off. He said he loved it and really wanted more, he’s got his eye on a boat. So I think we have a bit of a bargaining chip now, that’s a result.

Sylvanian Seaside Ice Cream Shop
The ice cream menu is such a nice touch

Because it’s so sunny and bright it’s the perfect way to keep that fun summer feeling going, even if we can’t be outdoors.

I love it.

Sylvanian Seaside Ice Cream Shop
Look how detailed it all is

Disclosure – we received our set in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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