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Super Useful Car ACCESSORIES from Apramo

There are so many baby products out there it can be hard to know what to buy, either for yourself or if you are getting gifts for others. Apramo have some amazing car accessories that are so useful and a must for any parent. A truly useful gift.

When I had L I made sure to check all the lists and get all the things they said you would need for a new baby. Some I did need and found really useful, nursing pillow, bouncer, baby bath. Some I most definitely did not need, like the Bumbo, room thermometer and dummies. Because you see, different kids, need different things and you’ll work most of it out as you go along.

Useful baby gifts - apramo

There were a few things I personally found really useful and a few in particular I still use today and L is now five! So when I found out my sister was pregnant they were things I knew I wanted to get for her.

My bestest friend Kim had got me a genius Car Upholstery Protector that sits between the car seat and the fabric, I swear this protector os the only reason that side of my car will ever be sat on again. It’s protected the seat from a multitude of crumbs, toilet training and travel sickness. I can just unclip the car seat and pick up the protector a shake it out.

One of these was 100% on the list for my sister.

The second item I got and still use today is a car tidy. A little something I treated myself too. It’s a little box that sits in the centre of the rear seats and has a handy space to store bits and bobs, I used it for nappies, those squishy books and a few toys when L was a baby and it’s now got all the toys, books, crayons and a cuddly blanket in now he’s older. It also had a couple of pockets at the front for bottles of drinks.

This was also 100% on my must buy list for the mum to be.

Apramo Iris Mirror

Kim also got me a little mirror so I could keep an eye on him whilst we were out in the car, whilst I don’t use it any longer I kept my mirror for ages as the peace of mind it gave me was undeniable. My husband found the one he had in his car distracting but I loved mine.

So a mirror was on my list as well, though not as high up as the other items as there was a chance my sister would fall into my husbands camp.

So off I went to source these items, I wanted them to be good quality, as useful as the ones I had five years previously and very well made as they would need to last. So that’s where Apramo came in. They had everything I wanted and then some, plus they had improved versions of the things i had been using.

They arranged an amazing car bundle for my sister that consisted of:

  • Two I-Shade roller blinds, these useful little blinds simply stick to the rear windows and can be pulled up or down as needed.
  • A car mirror, perfect for seeing little one and it even lights up, mine didn’t!
  • A car seat protector, exactly what I was after and whilst my protector only sat underneath the chair, this one is full length so goes up behind it too.
  • A travel buddy, the little organiser that sits on the back seat to keep all those bits and bobs in one place.
Apramo Car Seat Protector

This bundle made a perfect and truly useful new baby gift. No one else had bought her anything like this, most people opting for toys and clothes and cuteness.

My sister loves the Iris Baby Mirror, she gets the same feeling of security from it I did. The ability to just have a quick glance and see little one is OK without having to turn round and take your eyes of the road has been invaluable for her. She’ll find it more useful as the baby gets older too, being able to tell if they just coughed or were actually sick is very handy. Knowing if you need to pull over or not. Plus, being able to make eye contact with them can calm everyone down. I would have loved the light function as well, making it useful whenever you travel.

Apramo Travel Buddy

The Car Seat Protector is one of things it’s hard to make exciting. It’s functional but does what it does well. My sister is very happy to have one knowing that I have been using one for five years and my car upholstery is all in one piece. The fact it covers the full height of the car seat and well as the base is brilliant. As whilst the mess children make will invariably go down, the car seat itself will rub and mark upholstery, plus for a s long as the little ones are rear facing, well let’s just say the back of that seat is at risk! It’s worth mention that at the front of the protector a handy little storage pocket hangs down, perfect for popping a couple of spare nappies, a small pack of wipes and cream.

The Travel Buddy is brilliant, almost the same as the one I bought all those years ago. With two insulated drinks holders at the front, a large main pocket, a couple of smaller pockets on the inside edge and a large outer pocket on the side it’s fabulous. OK the drinks holders aren’t useful to the child until they are a bit older but everything else just makes life that bit easier. Just knowing where things are and being able to organise it all together helps more than I can really explain.

Apramo I-Shade

The I-Shade Roller Blinds are so much better than the pop up shades I had when he was a baby and eventually gave up with. The pop up shades cover the whole window and as soon as he could reach them he was always pulling them off. Now he has no shades and I have to listen to him whine about the sun in his eyes. As I type this I’m starting to wonder why I gave the I-Shade Roller Blinds to my sister, who has a baby, who cannot talk. I completely should have kept them for myself! Clearly I’m going to have to purchase a couple. You see because these can be rolled up or down to get the right level of shade you can get that balance of them being able to see the world go by and not be blinded by the sun. They are really secure on the windows and just look nice and smart.

You can buy Apramo products from

Disclosure – I was gifted these items in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. The majority of images are from Apramo.

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