#SuperSummerMissions -Coming to an End

Well that’s it, summer is nearly over. I can’t believe it has flown by so fast and I really cannot believe that this time next week we will be sitting down in L’s school to have a final chat with his teacher before he starts! We’ve had a great time as Super Wings Brand Ambassadors and since our last update completed all of the #SuperSummerMissions.


Here are our final four missions, completing a good deed, writing his name, a family picture and counting planes on a car journey.

These last few missions saw L painting his room, ready for a new big boy bed, travelling to Cornwall and visiting Tintagel, visiting Launceston Castle and driving past Heathrow on the M25!!

Good luck to everyone who entered my competition, I’ll be picking the winner when I finish work on Saturday so keep your fingers crossed, after all it’s a massive bundle of Super Wings goodies to win.#SuperSummerMissions

If you are interested in buying some of the brilliant Super Wings Toys for your kids then you can find them at The Entertainer. We’ve found them all really well made and a lot of fun, the different ways they transform keeps L occupied and really intrigued. Plus they have travelled at the bottom of bags and in a small child’s hands across the country more than once this summer!#SuperSummerMissions

Plus, you can always keep the Summer Vibe going by watching Jett and the gang on Cartoonito or Tiny Pop. We’ve watched more than a few episodes this summer and I know we’ll carry on watching it. It’s such a friendly show and still has a sense of fun and adventure. #SuperSummerMissions

Disclosure – we are Super Wings Brand Ambassadors this summer so have received products to enable us to complete our missions.


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