#SuperSummerMissions with Super Wings

The summer holidays have officially started! For us it means the last Summer before L starts school, something I’m feeling more than a little wobbly about. It also means a lot of fun and adventuring as for the second summer running we are Super Wings Summer Ambassadors, L is beside himself with excitement!#SuperSummerMissions

We had such a blast last summer completing missions and having fun with Jett and the gang it was lovely to be asked to do the same this year. We love watching Super Wings on Cartoonito and the second series which is showing at the moment has introduced some great new characters to them team. You can catch the first series on Tiny Pop if you want to catch up.#SuperSummerMissions

There are ten missions to try to complete this summer and love it if you guys wanted to join in as well. I’ll be sharing pictures of how we get on over the summer holidays over on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. If you complete any of the missions, see what I’m up to or catch up with the other fab ambassadors the things to look out for the hashtag #SuperSummerMissions and find Super Wings on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram under SuperWingsUK.

Super Summer Missions Checklist! FINAL
Super Summer Missions Checklist!

To go alongside the second series of Super WIngs and the new characters there are some fab new toys you can get from The Entertainer. As a Super Wings ambassador one of L’s first jobs was to play with them, a job he has taken very seriously. When he got from nursery to find the delivery he was really excited and actually said to me that he was a very lucky boy, luckier than any other little boy. It’s really nice to see him so happy but also to see him being genuinely grateful, it makes me really proud and I think it would make Jett proud as well. After all the Super Wings team are all about friendship, helping others and being kind.#SuperSummerMissions

L was sent a great bundle of toys including Jett’s Take-off Tower, Transform-a-Bots Series 2 4 Pack and 2 x Transforming Vehicles, Jett and Agent Chase.#SuperSummerMissions

He loves the new Transform-a-Bots, they are small and go with his collection of series one characters. Brilliant for a lot of his imaginative games and for using with other toys too, I like them because their small size makes them perfect for popping in a bag for entertainment on a day out. #SuperSummerMissions

The larger transforming vehicles are brilliant, a nice size for playing with and they transform really well, with so many moving parts and things to change. They are actually really well designed though, so even though there are a lot of moving parts, they are still easy to use.#SuperSummerMissions

The favourite for both of us is Jett’s Take-off Tower. It’s flipping amazing. A large Jett toy with a handle, so you can wheel him round and fly him easily. But he’s hiding a treat, press the button and lift the handle and he transforms into the airport with fold out runways, a control tower, buttons to press to push the planes down the runways, twisty turning bits and even his nose pops out to give a further runway. It is amazing. You even get a little mini Jett that transforms from plane to robot when you press his nose. #SuperSummerMissions

L just adores it and has been playing with it non stop. I love how easily it tidies away and how much toy you actually get with it, it does a lot and would be great to travel with as it folds away so neatly and has a great carry handle but also provides hours of entertainment. For me the only downside is that the small Transform-a-bots are just a tiny bit too big to use with it, you can only use the little Jett model that comes with it. Hardly the end of the world though!

Even the cat wants to get involved!

I cannot wait to get stuck into our #SuperSummerMissions and really hope to see some of you guys joining in as well, don’t forget to use the hashtag and tag me in anything you post so I can have a little nose!#SuperSummerMissions

As if the summer missions weren’t exciting enough Super Wings have given me a fantastic toy bundle to giveaway to one lucky reader, you could get your own Jett’s Take-off Tower, Transform-a-Bots Series 2 4 Pack and 2 x Transforming Vehicles (Jett & a Series 2 character). How exciting is that?! The competition will run for the whole six weeks of summer so you’ve got loads of time to get some entries in, all you have to do is enter your details into the Gleam App below.

#SuperSummerMissions with Super Wings

Good luck and have a happy Super Wings summer completing your #SuperSummerMissions.#SuperSummerMissions

Disclosure – we were sent our toys as part of the summer ambassador programme, all opinions are my own.

64 thoughts on “#SuperSummerMissions with Super Wings”

  1. I’ve only recently become aware of Super Wings thanks to my lovely nephew. So cool!

  2. My little boy would love and have so much fun playing with this, he loves Super Wings.

  3. My 2 girls would be so happy to win, they loved doing the #SuperSummerMissions

  4. What an awesome give away!! Had so much fun joining in with the #SuperSummerMissions

  5. Oh my little boy would love these! his nearly 2 and is obsessed with planes

  6. Wow, perfect for the kids! Love the comps you hold, and your blog is awesome xx

  7. such a fab prize! theres going to be one happy little boy or girl when the winner receives this! i know my little man would be over the moon if mummy got him this!

  8. brilliant giveaway my little boy would go crazy for this he loves planes xxx

  9. this would go down really well with my nephew ! I would be number one aunty!!

  10. Great prize! I know what it feels like to feel a bit wobbly about your child starting school, my eldest starts secondary school in September and it doesn’t seem five minutes ago he started reception

  11. Have a little Grandson who is Superwings mad, he would get many hours of fun with these, thank you

  12. My littles loves this, she cant say it properly yet though so its just “wings planes” to her

  13. I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize to donate to charity, to go to Romania.

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