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#SuperWingsSummer – Our Final Thoughts

I hope some of you managed to join us for the #SuperWingsSummer Twitter party yesterday. It was a lot of fun. We have really enjoyed our summer playing with Jett and the rest of his Super Wings Friends.

Boy by rver playing with toy plane from Super Wings, animation
The mini transform-a-bots are perfect for taking out

You’ll have probably seen a few our social posts so you’ll know Jett and the gang have enjoyed loads of summer activities. We’ve been to the park, the beach, on a train, to see planes, eaten ice cream, walked by the river and so much more this summer and L has loved taking his planes along for the ride.

Jett and Donnie Super Wings Toys #SuperWingsSummer
They joined us for our first ever festival

The toys we were sent as part of the campaign are amazing. It’s not often we get to play with them for so long before actually publishing the review, so for me it has been nice to see how L has carried on playing after the initial excitement has worn off.

Jett toy form super wings as a robot
Jett Transform-a-bot

It’s hard to say what his favourite toy has been. The larger Jett Transform-a-bot has been a big hit. It’s a really nice size and transforms quickly and easily. As a plane Jett has little landing wheels so can be pushed around as well as flying in the sky, as a robot he stands nicely and can be positioned quite well. You can’t quite get the superhero landing pose that Jett pulls off so well in the show.

Boy playing with remote control plane
Chasing the poor cat and blaming it all on Jett

The remote control Jett toy is a lot of fun too. With two simple controls. Spin and forwards. It is quick to grasp, fun to play with and L adores it. It’s an immediate hit and a really nice size.

World airport playset from Super Wings
The world airport is massive

The most impressive item is definitely the World Airport. It is amazing. It looks just like the Airport from the show with a couple of alterations. The runways that Jett and his friends use to access the control tower have been converted to ramps for the toy, so the Super Wings can fly down them. They go up in the central lift and then slide down. There is also an addition of a spinner at the top of the control tower, you can loop the Super Wings on to it so they can fly around the airport.

Yellow plane in a toy workshop
Donnie is in for repairs

At the base of the World airport there are two pull out sections, one with a luggage carousel that goes round and another with a little garage and working lift so the planes can be worked on. Upstairs in the control tower there is a little desk and you can see out of the window to see what’s happening below.

Two small super wings toys in packaging
Jett and Donnie come in the box

It comes with two mini transform-a-bots, Jett and Donnie and if all that wasn’t enough it has lights and makes sounds too! It really is hours of fun. Plus, cars fit down the ramp, so it’s two levels of fun for L.

Small boys with two new toys in packaging
L couldn’t believe his luck when more toys arrived

To go with his World Airport set he also got sent two more of the mini transform-a-bots, Paul and Dizzy so we are really close to having a full set.

Boy playing with world airport set from super wings
Just playing, I love watching the games

It has been a great summer playing with the toys and an excuse for L to watch extra Super Wings on TV, that has not been a hardship for him and I quite enjoy it too. We’ve loved getting out and about and having our own summer adventures with the Super Wings gang.

Boy playing with red plane toy in bed
The toys have even been going to bed with him

Don’t forget there is still time to enter my #SuperWingsSummer competition. You can find all the Super Wings toys at Smyths Toys.

Picture of a wall mounted tv playing Super Wings cartoon
Watching an episode of Super Wings on TV

Disclosure – we have been Super Wings Ambassadors for the summer. All opinions are my own.

Boy in car seat playing with plane toy
Paul joining us on a trip out

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