SuperZings Series 3

SuperZings Rivals of Kaboom

We have a lot of SuperZings in our house. L loves them, they are fun and easy to play with. They are small enough he can grab a handful to take out with him anywhere and come with fun playsets that keep him amused for hours. Plus, they are pocket money prices, winner! We have been sent a bundle of the new Series 3 Rivals of Kaboom SuperZings to have a look at and L was thrilled.

SuperZings Series 3
L got straight to playing

SuperZings are basically little collectable models, you have Superheroes and Supervillains, all based on everyday items. Each hero has a villian, so you might have a sandcastle vs a bucket and spade, or some fruit vs a juice box. It’s all good fun a bright colours and I can just see L’s brain whirring as he comes up with all these imaginative stories and games to play with them.

SuperZings Series 3
Our selection

There’s always an element of smash and bash with these little guys and the latest set of toys definitely keeps that going.

There are fun SuperBots (£4) that your SuperZing sits in making it into a powerful robot, ours spins around when you press his middle, it’s a lot of fun.

SuperZings Series 3
The concentration!

The mission packs are great, the most expensive toys at £15, but you get exclusive SuperZings and a lot of items to play with. The latest Mission Pack, Mission 2 – Total Demolition, has 2 exclusive SuperZings a tractor style vehicle with a wrecking ball, a three story tower designed to be knocked down and a blaster that fires out little mini pellets. It’s fab and L loves it.

SuperZings Series 3
I’d say the Mission Pack toy was his favourite item

As usual you have your great value Mega Packs (£5) that come with a giant poster/collectors guide, 4 of the single blind bags and 1 of the larger blind bags that contains one of the Slider vehicles. These packs are fab if you are just starting out or make a really good reward for a job well done by the kids. They will get a few packs to open all at once and you get to save a little bit compared to buying the packs individually.

SuperZings Series 3
Fun with a SuperBot

We also got one of the fun Kaboom Blasters (£6) a little base for the SuperZings, these fun little buildings allow you to create a town for your SuperZings. Plus they make sounds when you press down on them, which is another fun element.

We like these little collectable creatures as they are cheap, fun and really capture L’s imagination. The fact they are small and don’t take up much space helps too, we just have a little basket full of them and a slighter larger tub for the vehicles, bases and toys that come with them.

SuperZings Series 3
More lovely SuperZings to add to the collection

Disclosure – we were gifted our SuperZings in return for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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