SuperZings Series 2

L loves SuperZings, fun little collectable Heroes and Villains. We got loads and loads of the first series and are so excited that with the launch of series 2 there is even more fun to be had.

L’s reaction to opening his parcel

Series 2 launched at the end of August, so has made the perfect little reward for doing well at school. There are plenty of new and exciting features that have come along in this second waves of characters. Not only are there 80 new multi-coloured characters to collect each with a matching ‘rival’, there are also some new playsets to make the fun last longer!

What a fab parcel of SuperZings

As with series one there is an ultra rare character waiting be found, 2 very rare gold ones, 6 rare silver characters and 24 ‘SuperCrystal’ which is a new finish which L loves, they seem really special to him and he likes that you can see through them a bit.

His little face

The hideouts have had a serious revamp from series one. They have a new cylindrical shape divided into two chambers and colourful sticker decals to heighten to the collectability factor. They also stack up really nicely and have a fun twisting action to see who is inside.

If possible I love this little tin more than he does

The vehicles have had a bit of a change too, you now get a motorbike, boat, helicopter and a quad bike. They come in different colours and we even got a very fancy gold and shiny motorbike, L was certainly very impressed with these new vehicles.

The starter packs are great

If you want to pick up some guaranteed new characters including some rare ones the blister packs are the way forward, there are two to choose from a £5 Blister Pack containing a crystal SuperZing and a £10 Blister pack of ten characters including an ultra rare gold SuperZing. It was really nice to know L would get one of the special ones and to be able to see that the pack contained several different SuperZings to get him started.


I really like the new Cyber Tin, inside you get some special SuperZings with a cyber theme that you won’t get in the blind bags, but mainly you get a nice sized tin to store some of the little critters in and from a parent point of view that is very, very important!!

Thank you for sending us so many goodies!

With kids starting school and being tired and maybe in need of something to work towards and of course with Christmas on the horizon I think it’s the new playsets that are most exciting to me.

L loved the special SuperZings in his tin, it holds a lot more too

At 80p a go the little blind bags are making perfect everyday rewards for L, starting reception has been pretty good for us, but we need to be leaving Gerry the Giraffe at home soon and there have been other little struggles, so for every little well done a SuperZing is perfect. But what about the overall picture, the big things?

So full

Well for us that will likely be The SuperZings Police Station Playset (£25), what a thing to work towards and if we can start leaving Gerry at home by half term, do homework and generally be awesome then it is worth it.

The new vehicles are fab

The playset comes with two exclusive SuperZings characters, a speedy police patrol bike, a blaster canon that is attached to the roof, special traps, secret passages and more.

Im pretty taken with this fancy little number

If it’s anywhere near as good as the SuperZings Secret Lab (£20) that L has been playing with we are onto a winner!

He plays so nicely with them

The Secret Lab Attack playset includes 2 more exclusive SuperZings and has loads of different sections and cannons and so many different ways to play. He absolutely loves it and it really adds a new element to his SuperZings collection, making them more toy like and less of a straight forward collectable.

The lab is great, so many secret bits

If those two playsets weren’t enough there is also a Kaboom Race playset available, amazing!!!

As ever we love the price points of these fun little characters and the hero vs villain element is so much fun. L loves prancing around the house being a superhero, even if that can feel a bit villainous at times.

Disclosure – we were gifted our SuperZings in exchange for this review. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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