BioCare Winter Survival

Surviving Winter With BioCare

The kids at school have been dropping like flies. Of the 16 children in L’s class only 8 were lined up to go in to the class last Monday morning. I’ll be honest, this filled with me with fear, it’s seems to be more when will he get ill, not if. 

BioCare Winter Survival

I simply cannot afford for either or I to get sick. I do not have time for it before Christmas. I’ve swapped the life out of my shifts at work to make sure I can be there for the Nativity, the school fair, the Christmas Party, the Christmas reading session and the Christmas break itself. Work wise there is no wriggle room left, none.

So if I’m ill, or if L’s ill, it’s not just a case of me having to take the time unpaid which is bad at any time, let alone just before Christmas. It also means I’ll be leaving my team short, letting them down when they’ve done so much to accomodate me. 

BioCare Winter Survival

It’s clear I need to look after myself and the rest of the family and do what I can to avoid getting sick. We can’t simply avoid the germs but we can do the best we can to boost our immune systems and look after our own health, that’s where BioCare comes in. They sent me a brilliant winter survival kit to try and get me through the season of goodwill and germs! 

BioCare very kindly sent me a box of Red Berry BioMelts for L. Packed with vitamin D and live bacteria they are good for his gut and topping up on everything he misses from the sunshine. No tablet to swallow, drink to force down or chewy sweet that leaves him begging for more ‘sweeties’, just a simple, tasty powder that you can pour straight onto the tongue. No mess, no fuss and a happy kid plus happy parent. It’s always hard to judge how well a supplement is working, especially in a child, but all I can say is he seems happy and healthy and he hasn’t got ill yet. 

BioCare Winter Survival

To keep me going they sent me a pack of their Everyday BioAcidophilus and their Immune Intensive. They also sent me some beautiful treats, a stunning candle that smells divine, a huge oversized scarf that I can actually use as a blanket and a gorgeous Emma Bridgewater Mug. To give you an idea of how run down, overwhelmed and underappreciated I have been feeling, I’ll let you all know, I cried when I opened the box and saw everything. I’m not a particularly emotional type, but for the last few months I literally haven’t stopped and I’ve been so busy looking after everybody else I haven’t spent much time on myself at all and nobody else has either, so for somebody I’ve never met to just stop and think about a few nice little things that would help look after me had me in tears. I’m so thankful. 

As for the vitamins, well I’m going strong, feeling far less emotional, sleeping well and full of energy. I’m no less busy and no less stressed, but it’s just like water off a duck’s back at the moment. Is this due to the products they sent me? Well it’s hard to say, but they are all that have changed, so I’m inclined to believe that they have helped. I can see light at the end of the tunnel and am happy we’ll get to the end of term free from nasty bugs. 

BioCare Winter Survival

The Immune Intensive is a mix of elderberry, sage, beta glucans, vitamins C, D and zinc. The combination will help to support a healthy immune system and can pick you up faster if you have have already fallen ill. Inside the box are 7 sachets which can be mixed with water or juice and you take one a day for a whole week to get you up and running. I’m not going to lie, they don’t taste great, not bad either, but it’s a drink you are going to sip and enjoy. I actually found mixing it with tonic water was best for me, the tang of the tonic detracted from the powdery taste and just made it easier to take all in all. 

The Everyday BioAcidophilus contains live bacteria to help support a healthy gut, which if we are honest, during this season of Christmas meals, partys, late nights, early mornings, food on the go and way too many mince pies, we need help with! You can take one or 2 a day, so the 28 pack will last you up to a month and each strip has 7 tablets so it’s easy to keep track. Just so you know what is actually in the tablets, and yes I have copied this, each capsule contains 10 billion of the clinically researched LAB4 bacteria, with two specific proprietary strains of Lactobacillus acidophilus along with Bifidobacterium bifidum and Bifidobacterium lactis. BAck to bits I do understand now, the capsules are dairy free, suitable for vegans, vegetarians and even pregnant women. 

BioCare Winter Survival

I am feeling good and healthy and ready for whatever the rest of Christmas throws at me! With a bit of science, a bit of love and a bit of self care nothing can stop me. A million thanks to BioCare for the science and the love and making sure I do what needs to be done to look after myself and my family. 

If you are interested in these products, or anything else from BioCare’s extensive range just head over to their website or keep an eye out at independent health food stores.

Disclosure – BioCare kindly sent my winter survival kit so I could write this review. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.  

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