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Angela Langford Bloom & Glow Face Oil – Review

How would you describe your skin type? It’s a simple question. The answers are usually dry, oily, combination. When I was asked this my response was ‘neglected’. As that is the honest truth. I am tired, so ridiculously busy and as a result my skin is neglected, so it was decided the best product for me to try out from Angela Langford’s beautiful range was the Bloom & Glow Face Oil.  Continue reading Angela Langford Bloom & Glow Face Oil – Review

Making Our Home Smarter with a TP-Link Smart Bulb

I am always looking for new tech for our house. I love all the gadgety things you can get now, for ages now I’ve been after a smart bulb or two. I just really liked the idea of being able to control the lights remotely and have some fun colours as well. So when the guys from TP-Link got in touch to see if I would like to review their Smart Bulbs of course I said yes.

TP-Link LB130 Smart Bulbs in the box
Our Bulbs!!!

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Painting with The Dremel Hatch Project Kit

I love to craft. You all know that. This blog is filled with crafty projects. But there are a few things I cannot do. Knitting, crochet, drawing and painting. So I was really curious to see if The Dremel Hatch Project Kit could get me painting a masterpiece skyline.

The Dremel Hatch Skyline Kit
My kit

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Blink XT Outdoor Security Cameras – Review & Giveaway

I’ve got the most amazing competition for you to win a 2 Camera Blink XT home security set.

Blink XT Camera and hub
Blink XT Camera and hub

We’ve been testing it out at home and I am beyond impressed. The Blink XT cameras are suitable for outdoor use. They are waterproof and have no wires thanks to the clever use of power, each camera uses two standard AA lithium batteries which will last for two years. Continue reading Blink XT Outdoor Security Cameras – Review & Giveaway

Win a Riso Gallo Gift Set

Over the last 160 years, Riso Gallo has built a reputation throughout the world as the premium producer of Italian and speciality rice products and the superior quality is enjoyed by everyone from Michelin Starred chefs to home cooks, selling over 50 million packets around the world. Continue reading Win a Riso Gallo Gift Set

Peter Rabbit Puzzle Competition

I have teamed up with Jumbo Games to offer one lucky reader a chance to win a Peter Rabbit Giant Floor Puzzle just in time for the eagerly anticipated film which is released March 16th. Continue reading Peter Rabbit Puzzle Competition

Dry Overnight? Not Yet!

Toilet training has been an absolute nightmare for us. Taking, and this is no word of a lie, nearly 2 years. The key for us was perseverance and eventually removing all nappies and training pants entirely. Even at night! Continue reading Dry Overnight? Not Yet!

Rustlers Burger Hack Challenge

You know those days when you’ve been busy and dinner has ended up being a bit later than planned. You’re tired, the children are tired and it’s all just a little bit too close to breaking down entirely. If people aren’t fed soon there is a high potential for tears all round. This leaves you with very limited choices, usually involving toast. Well I’ve taken part in the BritMums and Rustlers Burger Hack Challenge and to say I have had my eyes opened is understatement.  Continue reading Rustlers Burger Hack Challenge

This Plus That Equals…. A Valentine’s Day Party

This plus that equals…. A Valentine’s Day Party

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. This week is all about celebrating Valentine’s Day. Husb and I aren’t all that romantic, never have been, never will be. I still like Valentine’s Day though, but for me it’s about far more than just couples. It’s about love and sharing the love. So to have a bit of fun with L we had a Valentine’s Day Party.

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How I kept January Stress Free

Hello February, goodbye January!! Anyone else as pleased as I am to see the back of January. Despite it being my birthday month and it being full of New Year promise, I never really enjoy January. Funny how I practically wish the month away.  I just find it a stressful time, but here’s how I kept this January stress free.  Continue reading How I kept January Stress Free