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Sewing Machines from Hobbycraft

At the end of August Hobbycraft updated their range of sewing machines. Now I may be biased as sewing is my craft of choice but I think a sewing machine is a household essential. Having spoken to many of my friends though, whilst they see how useful a sewing machine would be they are genuinely a bit scared by them. Continue reading Sewing Machines from Hobbycraft

Paint a Fairy Canvas with Crafter’s Companion

L loves fairies, he has been swept away by the magic of them ever since we visited Bluestone earlier the year. We have a Fairy Door and he has a resident fairy, Smiffle. He is always asking to make little things for Smiffle and wanted so I got straight in touch with the team at Crafter’s Companion and they sent me some wonderful products so we could be creative. Continue reading Paint a Fairy Canvas with Crafter’s Companion