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A Higgidy Day

Over at Higgidy they make feel good family food – bold, vibrant, uplifting dishes to plonk on the table and enjoy together and they challenged me to create my very own Higgidy Occasion.

I had all these plans, a summer lunch in the garden with the family, a picnic on one of our days out, a fun snacky meal to treat the kid after nursery. But this is not what happened, not at all actually. My Higgidy occasion followed what can only be described as an interesting day.

Higgidy day
A delicious selection from Higgidy

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Cocktail Tables at Turtle Bay Norwich

One of my favourite places to eat and drink in Norwich, Turtle Bay, has now launched cocktail tables. You can book a table to enjoy their amazing drinks with full table service. Way better than battling your way to the bar and having to try to find somewhere to sit.

Turtle Bay
Daiquiri Time

Get yourself seated in a cosy corner of the restaurant and enjoy the amazing cocktails or maybe even try a rum sharing board. Eat food, don’t eat food. Maybe just dessert, or two desserts. It’s up to you.  Continue reading Cocktail Tables at Turtle Bay Norwich



Hotel Transylvania 3: A Monster Vacation the upcoming 2018 family movie from Sony Pictures Animation, is teaming up with Pulsin Kids’ Fruity Oat Bars this summer! Continue reading WIN A MONSTER BEACH BUNDLE FROM PULSIN KIDS

Delicious Chocolate Puns – Review

I’m actually really excited to share this review with you. Morse Toad are a fab chocolate making company that I have used for a few years now and they have released a new product. Chocolate Puns in the post. We have been sent one to try out and were not disappointed.  Continue reading Delicious Chocolate Puns – Review

Father’s Day Gift Guide

It’s not long until Father’s Day so I’ve pulled together a few items that would make lovely gifts for the Dad’s out there. Hopefully you’ll get some inspiration for something a little bit different.

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Snact Fruit Jerky

Not long before we went on holiday L was sent a box full of snacks. Always a happy moment for him!! Snact make fruit jerky and it is so yummy.

I’ll admit when I heard jerky my immediate reaction was a no. Dried, salty meat. No thanks, but fruit jerky couldn’t be more different. Yeah its chewy, but there is no salt in sight and absolutely zero meat just loads of flavour in a healthy snack. Snact Fruit Jerky is great. Continue reading Snact Fruit Jerky

Delicious Shaken Udder Milkshakes

What better delivery could you receive when hosting your son’s friend for some play and theoretically a grown up chat. You got it, milkshakes! It just so happens Shaken Udder choose the best day ever to send us a delicious box of samples.  Continue reading Delicious Shaken Udder Milkshakes


Turtle Bay Caribbean restaurant brings vibrancy and sunshine to a whole host of vegetarian and vegan dishes – perfect for National Vegetarian Week. From deep fried okra to a jerk halloumi mushroom burger – a great range of flavours and options – 32 vegetarian options in total. Continue reading CELEBRATE A SUNSHINE-INSPIRED NATIONAL VEGETARIAN WEEK AT TURTLE BAY

BIBaDO Competition

It is an age-old problem that all parents face and yet we all still struggle with – how to keep clean when you’re starting to wean. But thanks to BIBaDO, parents can now get their hands on a bib that protects not only your child but also the furniture! Continue reading BIBaDO Competition

Doidy Cup Competition

Doidy Cup is a unique open slanted weaning cup that helps oral health, jaw development and coordination development and I have got five to giveaway! Continue reading Doidy Cup Competition