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The #PrezzoLaFamiglia Challenge

We eat out as a family quite a lot. It is enjoyable and often a nice break during a long day out. We have taken L with us to restaurants since pretty much the moment he was bored but there are definitely some things that make the experience better than others. Prezzo have recently launched some great family sharing dishes and we went to check them out as part of the #PrezzoLaFamiglia Challenge with BritMums.

Mmmm garlic bread

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Father’s Day Treats with Terry’s Chocolate Orange

If you can manage to not eat a Terry’s Chocolate Orange the second it arrives in your home then they have created some lovely recipes that you could make with the kids ready to give to Dad as a present or enjoy as part of a special meal.  Continue reading Father’s Day Treats with Terry’s Chocolate Orange

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2017

It’s nearly time for Father’s Day. A day I enjoy so much more than Mother’s Day. I love shopping for the perfect gift and sitting down and making keepsakes with L. With only a few weeks to go I’ve pulled together a great list of gift ideas. So here it is, my Father’s Day Gift Guide 2017.

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Fun and Healthy Snacking with Googly Fruit Organic

L is obsessed with snacks. He could have literally just finished a three course meal and he would be asking for a snack. This means I need a variety of healthy and delicious snacks on hand. So when a jam packed full box of Googly Fruit Organic arrived on the doorstep I was very happy.

Googly Fruit Organic
Enjoying his fruit pouch

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A New Menu at Turtle Bay

I love eating at Turtle Bay in Norwich. I’ve got a soft spot for it having been there for the launch and visiting several times since. So I couldn’t wait to try out the new menu.

I was really happy to see some more vegetarian options and some new cocktails, as well as vegan dishes and gluten free dishes, not forgetting some new meaty dishes including more burgers.

Turtle Bay
We love eating out as a family

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May means Martini with Demijohn

It’s great British Martini time this May. So perfect timing as Demijohn launch the only Dry Vermouth produced in Scotland. As the key ingredient for the classic Dry Martini cocktail, Demijohn are happy to introduce this one to their shelves.

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Win an Alfresco Opies Summer Gift Hamper

Alfresco Opies

Dust off the barbecue, roll out the picnic rug and book the beach hut. Opies has a whole host of delicious store-cupboard essentials that really come into their own in the summer and form the basis of many delicious culinary shortcuts.

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April’s Craft Gin Club

A parcel with a bottle of gin and fancy snacks to match, plus a magazine all about gin. There’s not much going against Craft Gin Club really.  Continue reading April’s Craft Gin Club

Easter Gift Guide 2017

It’s almost Easter, yey! Just in case you are looking for gift inspiration I’ve pulled together a list of gifts for the whole family. Some are classic chocolate treats but there is plenty of sweet free inspiration as well.  Continue reading Easter Gift Guide 2017

The Hen Party

How time flies. This time two weeks ago I was getting ready for my sisters hen party and in another two weeks she will be getting married. It has come round in the blink of an eye.

Thanks to the hard work of a lot of people the hen party was brilliant and as I never do this kind of thing I thought I would tell you all about it.

Hen Party Time
Hen Party Time

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