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Super Useful Car ACCESSORIES from Apramo

There are so many baby products out there it can be hard to know what to buy, either for yourself or if you are getting gifts for others. Apramo have some amazing car accessories that are so useful and a must for any parent. A truly useful gift.

When I had L I made sure to check all the lists and get all the things they said you would need for a new baby. Some I did need and found really useful, nursing pillow, bouncer, baby bath. Some I most definitely did not need, like the Bumbo, room thermometer and dummies. Because you see, different kids, need different things and you’ll work most of it out as you go along.

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Christmas Gifts from Find Me A Gift

That time of year is here, so if you are looking for some ideas for great gifts fand don’t want to be searching a million different sites, I’ve got you a selection of my fave items from the amazing Find Me A Gift.  Oh and did I mention Black Friday, I’ve included some of the discounted prices as well. *** Correct at time of publishing*** Continue reading Christmas Gifts from Find Me A Gift