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Healthier Snacks Post Christmas

Well that’s it, we are solidly into 2020 and all the excesses of Christmas and New Year have me feeling like I might actually now be more cheese than human, with chocolate flowing through my veins and a good dose of mince pie in there somewhere too.

I’m not going on some massive health kick now it’s January, I just genuinely find myself craving something a little lighter, a bit more savoury and generally healthier when I find myself reaching for the snacks.

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Pots and Pies from Little Dish

A couple of weeks ago we got a lovely delivery from Little Dish. A fab cool bag filled with a selection of meals from the new Pots and Pies range that launched today, as well as a tablecloth to be coloured in, all in a lovely jute bag. L was very excited.

Little Dish Pots and Pies
Great food made easy

The new Pots and Pies range is filled with simple meals, made healthily and deliciously. In little pie dishes that you can serve them in. They microwave from fresh in 2 minutes 30 seconds. They are fun, filling and tasty. So L has been trying them out.

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