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A Christmas Table with Hobbycraft

One of the biggest things about Christmas day for us, is Christmas Dinner. I love to make a fuss of it, set the table nicely and make everything look amazing. The only trouble being we have a teeny tiny table, squashed in a corner of our kitchen under some cupboards. With a little help from Hobbycraft, I’ve changed it into an amazing Christmas table.

Christmas Table Setting Crafts
Our Festive table

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Sewing Machines from Hobbycraft

At the end of August Hobbycraft updated their range of sewing machines. Now I may be biased as sewing is my craft of choice but I think a sewing machine is a household essential. Having spoken to many of my friends though, whilst they see how useful a sewing machine would be they are genuinely a bit scared by them. Continue reading Sewing Machines from Hobbycraft

Making an Easter Tree with Hobbycraft

A little while ago I was invited to my local Hobbycraft store in Norwich to see the new Spring range, which included some fabulous bits and bobs for Easter. At around the same time I was also sent a box full of goodies to create a wonderful Easter Tree. Filled with inspiration I had a great time creating my tree.

Easter Tree
L enjoyed exploring the new Hobbycraft range with me

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The 12 Makes of Christmas – Gift Wrapping

Hobbycraft are helping us get in the Christmas Spirit with their 12 Makes of Christmas. They are hosting festive demos and sharing a range of inspiring makes and project guides to help those looking to create a handmade Christmas. This week, our final week, I have been busy wrapping presents.

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