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Our Day at The Spring Fling 2018

A few weeks ago I was wasting time on Facebook, as you do, when I saw an advert for The Spring Fling. It immediately appealed to me as it involved tractors, the emergency services and animals, all of L’s favourite things. When I looked into it a bit further I saw the tickets were only £9.50 each and included lunch. I was sold.

Spring Fling 2018
He looks so small

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Our New House Sign

When we moved into our house many years ago there were several things I wanted to sort out. The house sign being one of them. A solar powered affair, with flowers and the house number. Too small to see from the road and not to our tastes at all.

House Sign
This is the front of our house from the road, we’ve got quite the driveway and you cannot see what the house number is

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Easy2Name Labels – Review

It doesn’t matter how hard I try, I cannot ignore the fact L will be starting schools this year. It’s only a couple of weeks until we find out if he got a place at the school in our village. But whilst September may be a lifetime away for him, it’s really not for me and I should start to get organised. Step one – Labels. Clothes, shoes, stationery and bags, you name it’ll need labelling and that’s where Easy2Name Labels comes in.  Continue reading Easy2Name Labels – Review

Flying Owls at Lavenham Falconry

I love owls. Always have done. So when Husb got me an owl experience from Lavenham Falconry for our wedding anniversary last year I was thrilled. I can’t believe I’ve only just found a second o write about it. Oh and I’m going to apologise now for all the photos, there are a lot and I narrowed down my selection!!Lavenham Falconry Continue reading Flying Owls at Lavenham Falconry

Buddhify – Review

You may remember I recently wrote about some fitness apps that I loved, but that I had some reservations about my meditation app, Calm, as they had removed a lot of my favourite meditations and the subscription fee was just too high. Well just after I wrote that, buddhify got in touch to see if I would like to review their app.

buddhify logo

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New Skills in Your Time

For me the new year wasn’t about resolutions but I did spend the majority of January learning some new skills. I took a Coding for Beginners Course with New Skills Academy.

It took me ages to choose which course to go for, did I go for a WordPress course, that would have been really useful for me and my blog. Did I learn something entirely new? Dog Walking, Payroll or Floristry. With over 200 courses to choose from it wasn’t easy for me but I settled with coding for a few reasons. Continue reading New Skills in Your Time

Rustlers Burger Hack Challenge

You know those days when you’ve been busy and dinner has ended up being a bit later than planned. You’re tired, the children are tired and it’s all just a little bit too close to breaking down entirely. If people aren’t fed soon there is a high potential for tears all round. This leaves you with very limited choices, usually involving toast. Well I’ve taken part in the BritMums and Rustlers Burger Hack Challenge and to say I have had my eyes opened is understatement.  Continue reading Rustlers Burger Hack Challenge

This Plus That Equals…. A Valentine’s Day Party

This plus that equals…. A Valentine’s Day Party

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. This week is all about celebrating Valentine’s Day. Husb and I aren’t all that romantic, never have been, never will be. I still like Valentine’s Day though, but for me it’s about far more than just couples. It’s about love and sharing the love. So to have a bit of fun with L we had a Valentine’s Day Party.

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How I kept January Stress Free

Hello February, goodbye January!! Anyone else as pleased as I am to see the back of January. Despite it being my birthday month and it being full of New Year promise, I never really enjoy January. Funny how I practically wish the month away.  I just find it a stressful time, but here’s how I kept this January stress free.  Continue reading How I kept January Stress Free