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Easy Lunch Box Fillers with Shaken Udder

I don’t have to pack a lunch for L yet, he gets free school meals because he’s still little. So when it came to sending him off to Barracudas Activity Day Camps over Easter I was thrown!

He needed enough for a full day, it needed to be tasty, filling and ok out of the fridge. Two snacks, at least, plus lunch. I dropped him off at 9am and didn’t have to pick him up until 4.30pm. That’s a lot of time and a lot of food. Not even taking into account all the running around they would be doing.

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Real Good Ketchup

I’m hoping I’m not the only parent to have found that adding Ketchup to seemingly any meal makes it so down far more easily!

I’m fully aware it’s not always the best choice though. I try hard to think about what I’m feeding L and keep it healthy as well as fun but it’s not always that easy.

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My #FloraLunchBox Challenge

How do you get on packing lunches? I struggle. It’s not that I can’t pack a box, of course I can. It’s just getting in some variety and a good level of nutrients that gets to me. So I was intrigued about the #FloraLunchBox Challenge with BritMums.

I pack lunches for my husband at work, myself on days I work and for L if we are going on a day out somewhere. Thankfully nursery take care of him food wise when he is there and feed him amazing food. I’ve threatened to join them for lunch on more than one occasion.

Because when I pack lunch everybody tends to get the same thing. Every. Single. Time.

Our #FloraLunchBox Challenge pack

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5 Great Sandwich Fillings with Heinz Sauces

So a little while ago now I was sent a wonderful hamper filled to the brim with sauces from Heinz.  So I had a little think about how we use them at home and thought I’d share 5 of my favourite sandwich fillings with you.

Now there’s no two ways about it, we all know that Heinz sauces are great for dipping and dunking. Be it chips, salad, or even a cheeky crisp (crisps and mayo is lush just so you know!).  I’m not here to review them and how yummy they are. We all know that. But with the schools being back and the time for summer salads at lunch quickly passing I thought I’d share some quick and easy lunch box ideas.  Continue reading 5 Great Sandwich Fillings with Heinz Sauces