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5 Great Sandwich Fillings with Heinz Sauces

So a little while ago now I was sent a wonderful hamper filled to the brim with sauces from Heinz.  So I had a little think about how we use them at home and thought I’d share 5 of my favourite sandwich fillings with you.

Now there’s no two ways about it, we all know that Heinz sauces are great for dipping and dunking. Be it chips, salad, or even a cheeky crisp (crisps and mayo is lush just so you know!).  I’m not here to review them and how yummy they are. We all know that. But with the schools being back and the time for summer salads at lunch quickly passing I thought I’d share some quick and easy lunch box ideas.  Continue reading 5 Great Sandwich Fillings with Heinz Sauces