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Kally Kids Pillow – Review

We have tried to make L’s room as comfortable and calm as possible, for a good night sleep. But we also made sure he put his own mark on it, picking paint colours, carpet and bedding. He adores his bed and we climb up there to read every night but he wanted it to be more like a sofa, for us and for him, during reading time. So when we saw the Kally Kids Pillow I knew it would perfectly. What I didn’t appreciate were the other benefits it would bring.

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Win A Sudocrem Soothing Gift Pack

Soothing’s in the name and soothing’s the game

Few know that the word Sudocrem actually evolved from an Irish pronunciation of ‘soothing cream’ – it’s true! Britain’s number one nappy cream was invented in Dublin all the way back in 1931 by a pharmacist named Professor Thomas Smith and, after 88 years, the product is still going strong. So much so in fact, that this May, Sudocrem unveils a new advertising campaign which is all about soothing.

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My Hilary Devey Collection Mattress – Review

I have had my new Hilary Devey Collection Mattress for nearly two months now. It’s initial schedule of flipping and turning is almost complete. So I think now is the time to tell you all about it. The big question is, do I still love it as much as did when it first arrived?

Hilary Devey Collection
My new Hilary Devey Collection Mattress

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A Love Story – Me and My New Mattress

Not long before Mother’s Day I got the best gift I could get. No not something lovingly handmade by my son, no not even gin. I in fact got offered the chance to review a brand new mattress. Not any old mattress either, one from the Hilary Devey collection.

My excitement was untrue.

Hilary Devey Mattress
My Hilary Devey Mattress

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This Plus That Equals…. Tiredness

This plus that equals…. tiredness

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. This week is all about tiredness, both mental and physical .

I’m the mum of a three-year old, so of course I’m tired. At the moment I seem to be feeling it more than usual. Here’s why.

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Tuck n’ Snug

You may remember a little while back I attended the FunFest Blogger Summit and Brand Expo. One of the amazing brands I found there was Tuck n’ Snug so I would love to share them with you.

It’s a really simple idea to stop a really simple problem. Bed sheets and pillows that simply tuck in, to stop them falling off during the night.

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