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This Plus That Equals…. Little Smiles

This plus that equals…. little smiles

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. This week is all about a few things that make me smile.

I was chatting to my husband this morning about the beautiful sunny weather and that even though it was going to be cold today, it didn’t matter. Sun just makes  things better and that got me to thinking about other little things that just make me happy and smile.

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Feeling Calm #18

For my birthday I was given a great new book ‘Calm’ and a journal from my friends to help me find some calm in my life and to de-stress a little. I have been writing in my journal everyday and on Wednesday’s I go through the daily highlights I’ve written down and pick out my 10 favourites. 

Oh my word wasn’t the weather over the weekend AMAZING, if anything was going leave me calm and happy it was a hot weekend filled with splashy paddling pool fun, a few ciders and a BBQ at my sister’s. I’m slightly concerned that we’ve used up all the good weather though, we’re off to Devon at the weekend and last year we got the worst weather, this year I would at least like it to be dry.

Paddling Pool Fun
Paddling Pool Fun

I’m not sure if I’ll update my top ten next week, or do a top 20 when we’re back, but in the meantime here are my top 10 moments from the past 7 days;

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