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Win a Mini Interactive Book from Zappar

Don’t be put off the small size of The Adventure Suit. It is the biggest amount of fun you can find it such a small space.

The Adventure Suit is the first mini interactive book from augmented reality company Zappar. It’s a great way to combine reading with technology and game play. It could help get kids more excited about reading or just provide a new way to play.

L Battling Dragons
L Battling Dragons

However, you choose to use it you won’t be disappointed. You really, really won’t. Continue reading Win a Mini Interactive Book from Zappar

Christmas Gift Guide 2016 – Need

So you know I love buying Christmas gifts for people, sometimes in can be tough to find the right thing though.

As I mentioned earlier, I love the idea of giving something that someone wants, something they need and then a little something to eat or drink. It keeps the gift giving under control and means the recipient gets a lovely mix of things.

I’ve already covered, eat and drink ideas for you, and compiled a gorgeous list of little luxuries people will really want, today is my final gift guide all about things people need. Continue reading Christmas Gift Guide 2016 – Need

Kids & Parents Gaming Tips from PlayStation

A couple of weekends ago we took a little trip to London with L. We had been invited to a Parenting & Kids Showcase with PlayStation.

For L it was a really exciting day, he got to go on the Tube, hang out with Mummy & Daddy, as well as getting to play a lot of games! He had a fab time.

Playstation Kids and Parenting Event
Getting serious about his game

I’m not a massive gamer, in fact I barely touch games at all. Husb loves it be we are always short on time, so his console gets a bit neglected and quite honestly it’s not something we’ve really done with L at all yet.  Continue reading Kids & Parents Gaming Tips from PlayStation

The New and Improved GTech

Not that long ago I reviewed the GTech AirRam K9. I loved it. It has changed my cleaning life. I was way more excited about this vacuum cleaner than any sane person should be. Then I was invited to the launch of the GTech AirRam Mk2.

I'm not the only one who is happy with the GTech AirRam
I’m not the only one who is happy with the GTech AirRam

I’ll admit, I was on the fence about going. I didn’t know what they could do to make it any better and I didn’t want to trek all the way to London to find they had made 2 grams lighter, changed the colour or made the battery last an extra 30 seconds. But I was free that day and I love a day out in London, so off I went.

Oh my word. I am so glad I went. The new GTech cleaners are so amazing. Continue reading The New and Improved GTech

Outdoor Cinema, Any Time, Any Where

Can you remember a little while back I had a fabulous trip to Bavaria with BenQ to check out there latest projector. The GS1. It’s small, easy to use and designed for outdoor use. Perfect for camping and caravanning.

BenQ GS1
BenQ GS1

You may also know that I booked my first ever outdoor cinema trip this year and it was a disaster. With storms, rain and a deflating screen.

Anniversary celebrations in the rain
Anniversary celebrations in the rain

Well I never should have bothered with the outdoor cinema trip because now I’ve got my very own BenQ GS1 and I can have my cinema experience whenever I want. Inside. Outside. Pretty much any time of the day too. In my jammies, with wine, food and without having to queue to have a wee.

In the comfort of our garden
In the comfort of our garden

Continue reading Outdoor Cinema, Any Time, Any Where

Discovering Bavaria with BenQ

I have spent the last two days in Bavaria at the launch of the BenQ GS1. It has been an amazing experience. So I’m really happy that I got to attend.

Flying home

I had never been to Bavaria before, I actually had to Google it to find out where it was. My geography is atrocious. In fact I had never actually flown by myself before. So there were lots of new experiences for me. Turns out flying by myself was a breeze, it’s so much easier when you aren’t arranging everyone else.

Inside Passau Cathedral
Inside Passau Cathedral

Continue reading Discovering Bavaria with BenQ

LeapPad3 – Review

For the last few weeks L has been busy putting the LeapPad3 from LeapFrog through it’s paces.

Designed to be the perfect first tablet experience, I was concerned how L would get on with the LeapPad3. He already happily scrolls through the iPad to get to YouTube Kids and enjoys being able to choose what he watching. Of course I’m not too keen on him using our very expensive phones and tablets! He also knows exactly how to exit out of YouTube Kids and go to the main YouTube App which is completely uncensored. Continue reading LeapPad3 – Review

SoundSoul Aroma Diffuser Review & Competition

The SoundSOUL Aroma Diffuser is an easy, stylish and practical way to introduce light and scent into your home.

Whether like me you enjoy the benefits of essential oils for meditation and relaxation or you want the practical benefits of a good clean scent this is for you.

SoundSOUL Aroma Diffuser In Box
SoundSOUL Aroma Diffuser In Box

Continue reading SoundSoul Aroma Diffuser Review & Competition