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#SuperSummerMissions – An Update

So we are halfway through the summer and I thought it would be nice as Super Wings Brand Ambassadors to give you guys a little update about how we are getting on with our #SuperSummerMissions.

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Schleich Wild Life 4 x 4 Vehicle – Review

When I was asked if maybe L would like to review the Schleich Wild Life 4 x 4 Vehicle I took one look at the picture and agreed, he loves anything with wheels and this certainly has wheels. Continue reading Schleich Wild Life 4 x 4 Vehicle – Review

#SuperSummerMissions with Super Wings

The summer holidays have officially started! For us it means the last Summer before L starts school, something I’m feeling more than a little wobbly about. It also means a lot of fun and adventuring as for the second summer running we are Super Wings Summer Ambassadors, L is beside himself with excitement!#SuperSummerMissions Continue reading #SuperSummerMissions with Super Wings

Summer is here! Celebrate with Zuru Bunch o Balloons

Oh my word the heatwave is still going strong here in Norfolk, so what do you do when you get sent a massive set of Water Balloons from Zuru Bunch o Balloons and the weather is gorgeous. Well there’s only one thing for it, descend on the grandparents house!

Zuru Bunch o Balloons
When you get sent this
Zuru Bunch o Balloons
and the weather looks like this
Zuru Bunch o Balloons
then you have to go to see your grandparents

Last Sunday we had the best day! We got  brilliant set from Zuru with 4 bunches of balloons, 2 launchers and 2 bags for the filled balloons. You also get the hose adaptors should you need them.  Continue reading Summer is here! Celebrate with Zuru Bunch o Balloons

The New ROBLOX Celebrity Range

We recently got sent some of the New ROBLOX Celebrity range to play with. L loves anything collectable, anything he can get that comes in a bling bag or box and has a tick list he’s a fan of!

ROBLOX Celebrity
No having to guess what was in this parcel!

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BRIO Farm Railway Set Review

As you all know we love BRIO in this house. L has an amazing BRIO police station as well as a BRIO Cargo Helicopter, he uses these with his railway set and also just in general small world play. They get used a lot, so we were really chuffed to be able to review the BRIO Farm Railway Set. He loves trains, he loves tractors and he loves BRIO so we were on to a winner.

BRIO Farm Railway Set
Chuffed face

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Screechers Wild – Review

Last week L received a lovely parcel of toys, he was very excited as they were brightly coloured, had wheels, plus a whole host of other cool features. Screechers Wild are so much fun.  Continue reading Screechers Wild – Review

So Slime DIY – Review

I had managed to avoid the whole slime craze with L, but I have caved. Only because the right product came along though. June see’s the launch of Canal Toys in the UK and their So Slime DIY range is excellent. Mainly because it is easy and mess free.  Continue reading So Slime DIY – Review

MiniMaster Football – Game Review

MiniMaster Football was recently showcased on ITV’s This Morning as one of the top toys to look out for in 2018 following their launch at Toy Fair, so of L and Husb were eager to try out. To be fair I’m not sure which one was more excited.

MiniMaster Football

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BRIO Cargo Helicopter Review

We love BRIO in this house. L has an extensive wooden train set which mixes BRIO and other brands together and one of his favourite items is his BRIO police station, so when we got offered the chance to review the BRIO Cargo Helicopter I just knew he would love it.

BRIO Cargo Helicopter
Look at that happy face!!

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