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Zuru Smashers Season 2 – Review

Now L does love a good collectable, the smaller, squishier and potentially messier the better. Zuru Smashers tick all the boxes, they are funny little characters, in smashable eyeballs, that may or may not contain slime and are entirely gross. He loves them! Continue reading Zuru Smashers Season 2 – Review

BRIO Central Train Station Review

As you all know we love BRIO in this house. L has an amazing BRIO police station, a BRIO Farm Set and a BRIO Cargo Helicopter, he uses these with his railway set and also just in general small world play. They get used a lot, so we were really chuffed happy to be able to review the BRIO Central Train Station. Continue reading BRIO Central Train Station Review

SuperZings Series 2

L loves SuperZings, fun little collectable Heroes and Villains. We got loads and loads of the first series and are so excited that with the launch of series 2 there is even more fun to be had. Continue reading SuperZings Series 2

Creative Kits from Character – Oonies & Orbeez

L was recently sent a bundle of lovely toys from Character Options, perfect for keeping him occupied indoors now the weather isn’t quite so lovely!Character Oonies Continue reading Creative Kits from Character – Oonies & Orbeez

Schleich Dino Set with Cave – Review

Not long ago L was lucky enough to get the Schleich Wild Life 4 x 4 Vehicle to review and not only did he love it, I did too. So when he was asked if he would like to have a look at the Schleich Dino Set with Cave we were both really excited as we knew it would be great quality and a lot of fun.Schleich Dino Set with Cave Continue reading Schleich Dino Set with Cave – Review

Back to School with Rubik’s

We love Rubik’s in our house and were very jealous earlier in the year when he got sent some of the Rubik’s Junior animal puzzles, so to level the playing field a bit we’ve been sent a classic puzzle and a 2×2 version of the classic for kids, to help get us ready for school. There was also another animal puzzle for L so he didn’t feel left out. Rubik's Continue reading Back to School with Rubik’s

The Field – Review & Competition

Do you ever hear about something or see something and immediately know it is a genius idea and wish you had come up with it? Well when The Field got in touch to tell me about their amazing range of toy fields for children I felt that way. I knew it would be the perfect addition to L’s play, that he would adore it and use it all the time. I also enjoyed the simple idea and wished I had thought of it first. The Field

Continue reading The Field – Review & Competition

#SuperSummerMissions -Coming to an End

Well that’s it, summer is nearly over. I can’t believe it has flown by so fast and I really cannot believe that this time next week we will be sitting down in L’s school to have a final chat with his teacher before he starts! We’ve had a great time as Super Wings Brand Ambassadors and since our last update completed all of the #SuperSummerMissions.

Continue reading #SuperSummerMissions -Coming to an End

#SuperSummerMissions – An Update

So we are halfway through the summer and I thought it would be nice as Super Wings Brand Ambassadors to give you guys a little update about how we are getting on with our #SuperSummerMissions.

Continue reading #SuperSummerMissions – An Update

Schleich Wild Life 4 x 4 Vehicle – Review

When I was asked if maybe L would like to review the Schleich Wild Life 4 x 4 Vehicle I took one look at the picture and agreed, he loves anything with wheels and this certainly has wheels. Continue reading Schleich Wild Life 4 x 4 Vehicle – Review