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Starting School Buying Guide

With L starting school in September I am well on my way to having everything together that he needs. I think. I hope. So I’ve pulled together a little list of what I have got so far. Continue reading Starting School Buying Guide

My Simply Be Wish List

Summer this year seems never ending and I am loving it but it has made me realise that my summer wardrobe is lacking. To the point I’ve had to resort to ‘holiday’ clothes, yep, I’ve worn my holiday shorts out and about in actual public. The shame!! So I’ve been working with Simply Be to create a wish list, hopefully you’ll love everything as much as I do.

Continue reading My Simply Be Wish List

My Most Organised Notepad – TABi

So it is no secret I am stationery obsessed. I love fancy pens, pretty notepads, tapes and pretty paper clips. Making lists makes me happy, organising my day obsessively keeps me feeling calm.  So when I heard about TABi a fully organised notepad just filled with tabs I HAD to try it. TABi notepad Continue reading My Most Organised Notepad – TABi

Is it OK to fake it?

Husband says no, but I think it’s a lot better. It’s been something I’ve been thinking about for a bit and I know a friend who has done the same. So what is your opinion? Is it ok to have artificial grass? Continue reading Is it OK to fake it?

Hangsun Water Flosser – Review

As weird as it might sound I have wanted to try a Water Flosser for ages. I know, I have all the best goals in life. But honestly, I really have wanted to try one for ages. Trouble is I just didn’t know what made a good one, how much I should be spending, or anything at all about them actually. So getting to review the has been brilliant.  Continue reading Hangsun Water Flosser – Review

Inateck Laptop Backpack – Review

I was recently contacted by Inateck to see if I would like to review one of their products. I chose the Laptop Backpack and I am impressed. So impressed actually.

Inateck Laptop Backpack
Inateck Laptop Backpack

Never before has a backpack entered this house and caused us to squabble over who could have it. We’ve had some really nice backpacks before but this Inateck product has raised the bar significantly.  Continue reading Inateck Laptop Backpack – Review

The Children’s Meditations in My Heart – Review and Competition

FROM ‘Hygge’ to parenting, the Danish way of doing things is often widely talked about and one of Denmark’s latest exports is no exception. “The Children’s Meditations In my Heart” by emerging Danish author Gitte Winter Graugaard enables children to fall asleep within minutes. Now available in three different languages, it is beginning to change bedtime routines the world over.
Continue reading The Children’s Meditations in My Heart – Review and Competition

Nuu Mobile T2 Tablet – Reveiw

When we went on holiday at the beginning of the month L was lucky enough to have his own tablet. He was sent the Nuu Mobile T2 to put through its paces and boy did he.  Continue reading Nuu Mobile T2 Tablet – Reveiw

Kitchen Fun with Ulster Weavers

L and I love to get in the kitchen and bake. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s fun. I’m not too bothered by the mess and I think it’s a good thing for him to do. So when Ulster Weavers sent us a few bits to refresh our kitchen and included an apron for him, we had to get straight to it.

Ulster Weavers
Stil in his pj’s

Continue reading Kitchen Fun with Ulster Weavers

Dataroam SIM Cards

We all know using our mobile data abroad can be super expensive. You’re OK inside the EU but what about when you travel outside the European Union? Well depending on your mobile provider you’ll be charged per megabyte used, potentially quite a lot. Dataroam offer mobile data sim cards that you pay for upfront, avoiding any nasty surprises. Continue reading Dataroam SIM Cards