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A Foodies Christmas Hamper

We all know someone who would just love a hamper of yummy foods for Christmas but if, like me, you’ve done your research you’ll know that buying one already made up can be very expensive. So here’s my guide to creating the perfect, bespoke hamper, without breaking the bank.  Continue reading A Foodies Christmas Hamper

Vie Epsom Foot & Bath Salts – Review

Vie Epsom Foot & Bath Salts aren’t some fancy pants, pretty smelling, coloured bath goods but an actually useful addition to your bathroom cupboard.  Continue reading Vie Epsom Foot & Bath Salts – Review


It’s no secret I’m super excited for half term, I’ve been really looking forward to it. To find out L’s favourite restaurant, Turtle Bay, is running a kids eat free promotion this half term, has been very exciting, yaaas!

Here’s what you need to know, they’ve revamped the Little Turtles Menu, you can get one kids main meal and kids soft drink with every paying adult and it runs from 22nd October to 2nd November. Read on to find out more.  Continue reading KIDS EAT FREE THIS HALF TERM AT TURTLE BAY!

All Treats No Tricks this Halloween

I have to admit I have never been a big Halloween fan, but L loves it so much, his joy over this fun holiday has spread throughout the house.

Halloween we're ready!
Halloween we’re ready!

In the past I would have done nothing other than turn of the lights and pretend I wasn’t home. Maybe when I was a teenager I would have found myself at a Halloween party, but other than shoving a novelty witches hat on my head it would have been no different to any other weekend with my friends.  Continue reading All Treats No Tricks this Halloween

SJ Works Bicycle First Aid Kit Review & Competition

Until this year, whilst L has been an an odd in between stage, I could often be found out on my bike with L. Never once did I think of taking a first aid kit, not because I couldn’t see a need, I just couldn’t really think of an easy way to carry one with me. SJ Works have created the perfect solution and I’ve been so pleased to get to try it out.

SJ Works Bike First Aid Kit
My two first aid kits

Continue reading SJ Works Bicycle First Aid Kit Review & Competition

Posterlounge Review and Competition

In a couple of weeks it is my husband’s birthday. One week after L’s as it happens. The last few years his birthdays haven’t been so special, I’ll be honest. So this year I wanted to treat him to something lovely and I got him some fabulous and very special prints from Posterlounge.  Continue reading Posterlounge Review and Competition

Starting School Buying Guide

With L starting school in September I am well on my way to having everything together that he needs. I think. I hope. So I’ve pulled together a little list of what I have got so far. Continue reading Starting School Buying Guide

My Simply Be Wish List

Summer this year seems never ending and I am loving it but it has made me realise that my summer wardrobe is lacking. To the point I’ve had to resort to ‘holiday’ clothes, yep, I’ve worn my holiday shorts out and about in actual public. The shame!! So I’ve been working with Simply Be to create a wish list, hopefully you’ll love everything as much as I do.

Continue reading My Simply Be Wish List

My Most Organised Notepad – TABi

So it is no secret I am stationery obsessed. I love fancy pens, pretty notepads, tapes and pretty paper clips. Making lists makes me happy, organising my day obsessively keeps me feeling calm.  So when I heard about TABi a fully organised notepad just filled with tabs I HAD to try it. TABi notepad Continue reading My Most Organised Notepad – TABi

Is it OK to fake it?

Husband says no, but I think it’s a lot better. It’s been something I’ve been thinking about for a bit and I know a friend who has done the same. So what is your opinion? Is it ok to have artificial grass? Continue reading Is it OK to fake it?