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Sambucol Immuno Forte

I’d tried so hard not to get ill in the run up to Christmas, it was no shock that as soon as the celebrations were over I got a cold and a sinus infection. The trouble is I still can’t afford to be ill. I was working solo to cover New Year, then it was my birthday and now the kid is back at school, I cannot take time off.

So it was back to the vitamins. This time I tried something new. Sambucol Immuno Forte. Sambucol is great for helping boost the immune system and recover from a cold, but also to help you stop getting one in the first place.

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Surviving Winter With BioCare

The kids at school have been dropping like flies. Of the 16 children in L’s class only 8 were lined up to go in to the class last Monday morning. I’ll be honest, this filled with me with fear, it’s seems to be more when will he get ill, not if. 

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Win a 1 Month Supply of Get More Products

Get More offer a range of products to help us get our daily vitamins and they have given me gift hamper containing a one month supply of products for one lucky winner.

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