Taking the Bioglan Red Krill Oil

Taking the Bioglan Omega-3 Challenge

Omega-3 helps keep our hearts, brains and vision healthy, great! But how do we make sure we’re getting enough of it? What even is enough of it? Do we just have to eat all the fish? What if you don’t like fish? Or you need to eat so much of it you run out of time to eat other things? Helpfully Bioglan are here to help in a practical way.

Bioglan Omega-3 Challenge
Bioglan Omega-3 Challenge Kit

Before the Summer holidays started a package arrived on my door containing two boxes of Bioglan’s max strength Red Krill Oil and two blood test kits. The challenge, if you can even call it that, was to find out what my Omega-3 levels were normally, take the Red Krill Oil for two months and then, using another blood test, see what difference it made.

So I sat down and opened up the blood test kit, read the instructions, registered my test and using the little needle clicker stabbed my finger and sorted out my spot of blood to be posted off for testing.

Omega-3 results
Omega-3 results before starting the Red Krill Oil Supplements

Two weeks later I had my results. I was sitting at 5.8% and quite honestly I had no idea what that meant, but the test results came with a very thorough explanation. What is considered a good Omega-3 level for heart, brain and vision health is anywhere between 8 – 12%, so I wasn’t too far off but there was certainly still quite a lot of room for improvement.

Now normally I don’t eat a huge amount of fish, I’m pescatarian but due to my limited love of fish you will normally hear me describe myself as vegetarian. As a general rule I would much rather just be served a vegetarian dish than risk getting fish I don’t like. I think on average I have one portion of fish a week, sometimes more, sometimes less.

Omega-3 levels guide
Omega-3 levels guide

The test results came with a handy little table showing you the benefits from eating different types of fish and different types of supplements. They also recommended that to get to a desirable level of Omega-3 you should be eating 3 portions of fish per week and taking a supplement.

Now I wanted to see how much difference the Bioglan Red Krill oil would make all by itself, so I kept my diet as normal as possible, it becomes harder when you are actually thinking about it! And I took my one capsule a day. I think there were a few days I missed and I’m sure there were a couple of days I took two, but I’d say generally over the two months was pretty good with taking the Krill Oil capsules.

Taking the Bioglan Red Krill Oil
Taking the Bioglan Red Krill Oil

Whilst we’re talking about taking the capsules, they aren’t too big, they are bright red and have no unpleasant fish oil flavour unlike some I’ve tried in the past and they are very easy to take.

If you’re worried about all the Krill, they are taken from a sustainable source and if you put the batch number of your packet into the Bioglan website they can even tell you exactly where they came from, that’s how much importance they place on the sustainability. Love it.

So two months on from taking my first blood test and starting taking the Red Krill Oil supplements my supply was finished and it was time for blood test number two.

Omega-3 results
Omega-3 results after taking the Red Krill Oil

When the results came back I’m pleased to say my levels had increased to 6.07%. Initially I was a little disappointed, I think I was expecting to see a huge increase, but then I stopped to think. A huge increase was simply never going to happen, the maximum I wanted to see was only 12% and I was already nearly halfway there, now I had crossed the halfway point. When you are dealing with small numbers to start with, you will only ever get small changes and I had actually increased my personal levels by nearly 10%, now that’s not bad going.

Remember, I hadn’t changed my diet either, and I was fully aware to get to the desirable levels I was going to need to add at least another two portions of fish a week to my diet, as well as taking the supplements.

The capsules
The capsules

As it stands taking the supplements was easy and effective and having the blood tests was really interesting. I was very impressed with the Bioglan Red Krill Oil tablets and how much difference they made and now I’m thinking a lot more about how I can improve my Omega-3 levels in my diet and through supplements, so the challenge has worked!

For more information and to purchase head over to the Bioglan website.

Disclosure – I was gifted my supplements and the blood test kits. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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