frogbit and the big gloop

Tales of Mossycup Wood – Frogbit and the Big Gloop

Deep in the heart of Mossycup Wood lies Poggle Hollow, a secret place not many people know about and those who do keep it very hush hush. Living in this very secret place are the Pogglewitt: a tiny, friendly fun-loving folk who grow their nests on the highest branches of the oldest trees.

Frogbit and the Big Gloop is the first in this series of enchanting tales by Emma Jane Dunne about one Pogglewitt called Frogbit who decides to take his boat out on the pool to catch supper. But it’s a real pickle trying to free his boat from the very gloopy mess the pool has become and he’s caught the attention of some interested eyes… Will he catch his supper or will he become supper?

Who needs to know more? I didn’t quite honestly, as soon as I read those two little paragraphs about Frogit and the Big Gloop I just knew it would be a great book for L and I to enjoy together. We are very lucky to have been sent a copy to review and adore it. Aimed at 4-7 year olds, though I think the scope could actually be wider, this beautiful book is full of laughter, nature, wonder and just a bit of mystery.

frogbit and the big gloop

L loves fairies, ever since we discovered a fairy wood at Bluestone last summer, we even have a fairy at home now, Smiffle, and the Pogglewit have that same kind of appeal. Though not fairies, they are tiny, secretive and live in and amongst the trees. This had my little boy hooked from the start.

L also loves nature and exploring, so the delightful illustrations, laughing tadpoles, interesting use of slugs and a very surprised snail not only have hum desperate to get outside to find his own but had him giggling away as well.

We both thoroughly enjoyed this book and I am very glad it is only the first in the series, I cannot wait to read some more about the goings on in Mossycup Wood. I think L would like to as well, he has asked for Frogbit and the Big Gloop so many nights in a row I’ve almost learnt it by heart!

It’s a brilliant book, especially if your children like getting outdoors and adventuring. We highly recommend it.

Disclosure – we were gifted our copy of the book. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

2 thoughts on “Tales of Mossycup Wood – Frogbit and the Big Gloop”

  1. Dear Briony, thank you so much for taking the time to write such a detailed and wonderful review of my first book. I can imagine L chuckling away, I was sent a photo of another little boy chuckling while his dad read Frogbit and the Big Gloop, it is everything a new author could wish for.
    We hope the next Tales of Mossycup Wood book will be out in June-ish , I’m just starting the illustrations now.
    We have a website, it’s new as are we as a business, but on the website is a blog page(which I have yet to populate but intend to) would I be able to quote part or all of your review on there?
    I would be happy to link it to your site if that is agreeable with you? we are you can check us out.
    once again thank you.
    kind regards

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