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Tasteful Hen Party Fun with Team Hen

Following on from my article yesterday about all the fun we had at my sister’s hen party I wanted to spend a bit more time telling you about the wonderful hen party goodies we got from Team Hen.

Organising a hen party is hard work, especially when there are 19 guests, the bride is your sister and your mum will be there. So many standard hen party gifts and tokens are just ridiculously tacky and flashy or adorned with willy’s.

Hen Party
Hen Party

Let’s face it I didn’t really want to watch my baby sister sipping drinks from a willy straw with my mum and aunt looking on did I!

Team Hen was founded by Danielle in 2014, they offer a wide variety of modern, on-trend Hen Party accessories, and gifts for Brides and their ‘maids looking for something a little less ordinary. With a whole range of gorgeous goods, all designed in house and not a willy straw or flashing tiara in sight I knew they were the company for me.

Kisses for the Mrs Print - Team Hen
Kisses for the Mrs print

Team Hen are the first independent online retailer in the UK to focus solely on the ‘modern hen party’ market. Their minimalist designs are current and quirky without being overly glitzy or girly.
Priding themselves on staying ahead of the curve they are sure to have to the right accessory for you, think beach ready baseball caps and diamond shaped lapel pins.  If the choices become to hard for you then you can always do what I did and opt for the Hen Party Hamper which comes with everything you need in one big old box.

Hair Ties - Team Hen
Pretty Hair Ties

With gift bags for everyone, wrapped in pretty pink paper, there were straws, cocktail stirrers, nail files, mirrors, badges, bracelets and hairbands, with the bride getting a special badge and bracelet.

On top of the gift bags there was also a personalised Kisses for The Mrs print, which we bought a frame for, kissed and framed to give to my sister at the end of the weekend and a giant diamond ring helium balloon. As a little extra I was also sent a ‘Love’ balloon, that could just be blown up and either hung like a banner or displayed.

All you need is Love - Team Hen
All you need is Love

The Diamond Ring balloon cost me £6 to get inflated at a local store, I bought a few balloons from them at the same time so that I could get this was inflated but it is worth making sure there is somewhere that can do this for you. The balloon is huge and everyone loved it. When I visited my sister a week later it was still going strong.

Team Hen Balloon
Put a Ring On It

The ‘Love’ balloon was fab, I didn’t see how it could work but as you inflated it, which wasn’t too difficult using the straw provided it quickly took shape and being self sealing was really helpful. It looked great and although we decided not to hang it up, mainly because where we were staying the ceilings were high and we are short, it looked great on the windowsill.

Hen Party Prep
Hen Party Prep – gift bags

We handed out a lot of the gift bags on the first night, then took the rest with us on saturday for the guys who were just joining us for the day.

Everyone loved them, it was nice that we all had badges to wear on the day. Just a little something to show we were all together and the bracelets are amazing, simple and understated. Everything was either useful or had a lovely sentiment behind it. The hair ties are really pretty and said ‘to have and to hold…. your hair back’ which I thought was good.

Bride to Be Bracelet
Bride to Be Bracelet

Everybody loved them and price wise it worked out cheaper than I could have done everything individually. In fact overall there was very little else we bought with us decoration wise. I got a few extra balloons and we bought some bunting that other people already had but that was it.

Team Hen is seriously impressive and everything is so well thought out. The team is attentive and the service you get is amazing. I would really recommend them to anyone planning a hen party, especially if you want to stay classy.

Team Hen Badges
Team Hen Badges

Disclosure – we were gifted our products in return for an open and nest review.

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