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Thank You Gifts from intu Chapelfield

With the end of term and those long summer holidays getting ever closer, will you be getting any Thank You gifts for the teachers and support staff? If you are intu Chapelfield has so many great shops that you can get some fab gifts from for £5 or less. I went shopping to see what I could find.

Thank you gifts from intu Chapelfield
intu Chapelfield

Now I’m not sure how I feel about the whole end of term gift thing. It’s not something that happened when we were kids and I don’t like the extra pressure it put on parents, especially when budgets may already be stretched. With L at nursery and no summer break it’s not something I’ve had to worry about yet. That being said when I dripped him off at nursery this morning I did also take in a present for his key worker.

Thank you gifts from intu Chapelfield
Yey! A sale

On Wednesday when I picked him up she had clearly had a very long day. Not helped by the fact that my son, my precious and adorable son, had done a wee in the sandpit. I was mortified. Absolutely and entirely. She shouldn’t have to be dealing with that. So this morning he went in with an apology and a box of fudge. I like to keep little gits on hand for occasions like this.

All of the staff who help look after him really do mean the world to me. I trust them entirely and they work really hard. So every now and then I like to bring in a little treat. Personally I think that’s what end of term gifting should be about, not forced gifting, but a real heartfelt thank you.

Thank you gifts from intu Chapelfield
Great picks in Superdrug, I was spoilt for choice
intu Chapelfield
I can split this into two gifts

Anyway, I have digressed. Having used up my last little gift this morning I popped to intu Chapelfield with my gift card and went shopping for some fab little gifts, all £5 and under.

The first thing I thought of was to get some cool stationery, something genuinely required but a bit more fun than usual. So I thought of Smiggle. It is filled from top to bottom with the coolest stationery. I went for a box of 12 scented pencils. How much fun! I was actually disappointed in the prices at Smiggle, everything is quite expensive, and poor labelling left me shocked at the till. The only things under a fiver aren’t giftable on their own. A single eraser, one pen, not very good. The set of pencils was £10, but I’m going to split it into two gifts and tie them up with some pretty ribbon and get L to make some mini notepads with me, just to turn them into a real gift.

Thank you gifts from intu Chapelfield
Stationery heaven in Smiggle

My next stop was Superdrug. I wanted something for a little bit of a pamper. Superdrug did not disappoint!! I got a cute lip balm, hand cream, bath bomb and matching nail files all from the same brand for £1 each. A lovely little gift for £4. Bargain!!

Thank you gifts from intu Chapelfield
How cute are these? Such a bargain too

Whilst I was in the vicinity I meandered into Accessorize. I love it in there! Then I found they had a sale on and got a couple more cute gifts. A set of gorgeous pens for £5. Just normal gel pens, but they are in the prettiest pastel colours, super soft and in a lovely triangle shape, with happy motivational quotes on them. I just thought that whilst they ladies were doing their paperwork, they should be able to do it with something really beautiful.

Thank you gifts from intu Chapelfield
Positivity Pens

I also got some lovely socks. At L’s nursery there is a no shoe policy, so I know all the staff there love a fancy sock!  I mean who doesn’t, but people actually to see theirs, so I know they all compete a bit. There were some fairly plain socks with just a hint of sparkle, then a set of two fabulously sparkly cherry socks. All three came to less than £5 thanks to the 50% off sale.

Thank you gifts from intu Chapelfield
Love these cute socks

My final pick came directly from the girls at nursery. The nursery, as with most schools, has a very tight budget. They often end up buying things from their own money. So if you are ever in doubt craft supplies always go down a treat.

Thank you gifts from intu Chapelfield
Great craft supplies from The Works

I found this out last year. I had cleared through my craft stash and if they would like anything. With my hand almost bitten off they explained how much little things like this meant. So whilst it may feel like you are gifting the nursery or school, as opposed to the staff member, you are probably saving them dipping into their on pocket! So I popped into The Works and grabbed the biggest pad of coloured A4 paper and a big tub of felt tip pens which totalled £5. I know this will be very well received.

Thank you gifts from intu Chapelfield
So many shops to choose from

So if you still need to get a gift why not pop to intu Chapelfield. I found it so easy to find some amazing gifts and there was so much choice. I actually thought what a great present the gift cards make. With so much choice and shops to spend them in they are pretty ideal. Plus if you are short on time or wanting to get something extra special your can use the special donation envelopes the centre has available. The envelopes can be picked up from the information desk and are designed so that you can club together with others to purchase a gift card of higher value. What a great idea.

intu Chapelfield
intu Chapelfield Gift Voucher

Have you bought teacher gifts this year? What did you get? Also if there are any teachers reading, what did you think of my choices, have I got it right?

Disclosure – I was given a £50 gift card to enable me to write this post. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Some really lovely ideas. I brought plants small succulents and cactuses as they mean warmth protection and endurance x

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