12 Makes of Christmas

The 12 Makes of Christmas – Wreaths

Hobbycraft are helping us get in the Christmas Spirit with their 12 Makes of Christmas. They are hosting festive demos and sharing a range of inspiring makes and project guides to help those looking to create a handmade Christmas. This week we are making two very easy wreaths.

12 Makes of Christmas - Wreaths
My Star Wreath

Each week I’ll be making the projects and featuring them on my blog to give you some inspiration. So, with the help of Hobbycraft I’m hoping inspire you. This week I have made two lovely Christmas Wreaths. I’ll admit this was a make I was a bit worried about, I didn’t know what direction to go in, but it is actually one I am most proud of. I love my finished wreaths.

If you fancy having a go yourself then head to your local Hobbycraft Store on Saturday 18th November between 12pm – 2pm for a workshop, tickets are £10 per person and you can book online.

12 Makes of Christmas - Wreaths
What I used

Wreath 1 – Stars

I used wooden stars, glitter, glue (both PVA and my trusty glue gun) and a grapevine wreath.

I love the grapevine wreaths as they are easy to work with, have a great rustic feel and if you are a beginner I feel they give the best results.

First I coated half my stars with PVA Glue and a very liberal coating of gold glitter and popped them to one side to dry.

I then did the same with the rest of my stars, using a lovely white frosty glitter.

12 Makes of Christmas - Wreaths
All the glitter

Once the stars were dry I arranged them on my wreath and attached them using a glue gun. A glue gun is the best way to attach them as the glue will find it’s own level amongst the twiggy wreath and smooth star, attaching quickly and effectively. I did use a good amount of glue.

That’s seriously it, done. So easy and I think it looks amazing, though I am obviously biased.

I have added a hanging loop of thin wire but you can hang using ribbon. How you choose to hang it depends a lot on where you are going to place it, so that one is up to you.

12 Makes of Christmas - Wreaths
Bells & Bows Wreath

Wreath 2 – Bows and Bells

This make is great as it requires literally no specialist equipment. Not even a glue gun. It is just so easy.

You will need a grapevine wreath, mini bows, jingle bells and pre-cut crafting wire.

12 Makes of Christmas - Wreaths
What I used

First I placed a piece of wire through the loop of a bell and twisted it a couple of times to secure it. Repeat this for all your bells.

Then I attached the bells to the wreath by feeding the two ends of the wire through the wreath and again twisting several times to secure. Clip the ends of the wire, you can just use kitchen scissors as it is not thick, and feed any extra length back into the wreath so there are no sharp points.

12 Makes of Christmas - Wreaths
Attaching the wire to the bells

As the bows come with little gold wire fixings you I attached them using the same method as the bells. You just need to ensure the twist round the bow is secure as this can come loose when removing it from the packaging.

Whilst attaching the bows you just need to remember which way up you will be hanging your wreath. You don’t want any upside down bows!

12 Makes of Christmas - Wreaths
Attaching the bells to the wreath

Then you are finished. Another easy decorative wreath.


To view The 12 Makes of Christmas visit the Hobbycraft Blog or visit www.hobbycraft.co.uk to see when your local store will be demoing each make. Next week we’ll be making a photo tree!!

Disclosure – I have received the products to make these crafts and a few extras for my craft stash in exchange for sharing the 12 Makes of Christmas for Hobbycraft

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