12 Makes of Christmas

The 12 Makes of Christmas – Advent

Hobbycraft are helping us get in the Christmas Spirit with their 12 Makes of Christmas. They are hosting festive demos and sharing a range of inspiring makes and project guides to help those looking to create a handmade Christmas. This week we are making an Advent Calendar.

12 Makes of Christmas
What I used


Each week I’ll be making the projects and featuring them on my blog to give you some inspiration. So, with the help of Hobbycraft I’m hoping inspire you. You may remember I kicked this series off with how to choose your perfect Advent Calendar, well this week I’m actually making one.

If you fancy having a go yourself then head to your local Hobbycraft Store on Saturday 11th November between 12pm – 2pm for a workshop, tickets are £10 per person and you can book online.

12 Makes of Christmas
I loved the bright colours mixed with metallics

Making my Advent Calendar

I used one of the wooden houses, I liked the idea of seeing each treat or popping a little festive challenge on a slip of paper into each ‘room’. I used acrylic paints for colour and some wooden advent toppers for the numbers.

I moved away from traditional festive colours. I wanted bright and bold. Obviously though you get to choose whatever works for your household.

I only had one rule when it came to the colours. I didn’t want the same colours next to each other. Then I just tried to keep it random.

12 Makes of Christmas
Adding the white really helped finish it off

Acrylic paint is fab as it gives a great one coat coverage, it’s bright, will paint onto most surfaces and is easy (and rather satisfying) to use.

Once the rooms were dry I then used a sponge brush to pop a bit of white chalky finish onto the outside of the house and the edges of each room. Not only did this help the colours really stand out, it also hid the odd slip or drip.

Then I randomly popped the number toppers into each room.

12 Makes of Christmas
The numbers are really cute

My advent calendar

Because the rooms are open I am not putting chocolate in for each day. There would be no point. I can’t put chocolate on display in front of a four year old and expect it to stay there.

What I am going to do is pop a little challenge onto a bit of paper that I’ll roll up and tie with a ribbon.

Things like watching a christmas film, going for a walk to see the lights in the village, bake cookies, write to santa and so on.

12 Makes of Christmas
My finished calendar

Not only will we not be eating chocolate first thing in the morning (potentially, you never know) but we’ll be doing something together each day which will be loads of fun.

To view The 12 Makes of Christmas visit the Hobbycraft Blog or visit www.hobbycraft.co.uk to see when your local store will be demoing each make. Next week we’ll be making Wreaths!!

Disclosure – I have received the products to make these crafts and a few extras for my craft stash in exchange for sharing the 12 Makes of Christmas for Hobbycraft

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