Making my own Christmas Eve Box for the 12 makes of christmas

The 12 Makes of Christmas – Christmas Eve Box

Hobbycraft are helping us get in the Christmas Spirit with their 12 Makes of Christmas. They are hosting festive demos and sharing a range of inspiring makes and project guides to help those looking to create a handmade Christmas. This week we are making a Christmas Eve Box.

Each week I’ll be making the projects and featuring them on my blog to give you some inspiration. So, with the help of Hobbycraft I’m hoping inspire you. The Christmas Eve Box is something I have wanted to do for ages, and I can’t wait to use it with L. It also meant learning a new craft skill. That is t.he joy of the 12 Makes of Christmas, 12 weeks, 12 crafts and one organised Christmas

If you fancy having a go yourself then head to your local Hobbycraft Store on Saturday 4th November between 12pm – 2pm for some amazing in store demonstrations.

Tools used to make a christmas eve box
What I used to make my box

Making my Christmas Eve Box

I used one of the wooden crates, a woodburning tool, printed design and a pencil. That’s all. I love that the crate and pyrography tool come as a bundled set as well, saving you a little bit of money.

I started by making my design on the computer and printing it out. I just wanted a nice font and our name. I was fully aware I wouldn’t be able to freehand this.

I placed the print out against a window and copied over the type on the back of the sheet with a pencil. Then popped the design onto my crate and scribbled over everything, transferring my design onto the crate.

Using a pencil to transfer the design
Transferring the design

When it come to pyrography, it’s not as hard as it looks. Make sure your tool is hot enough before you start. The best way to test is literally on another bit of wood, or the base of your box.

Follow over your design, with a loose and free hand. Don’t try to press too hard or you will burn deeper into the design at some points than others and make it harder overall.

Be brave and just go for it.

My script is by no means perfect. If I look hard at it all I see are errors and wobbly lines. But from a normal viewpoint it looks great. It’s not only personalised but it is made by me, from the heart.

Pyrography text
Not technically perfect, but I’m so happy with it

I considered adding some further decoration. I liked the idea of snowflakes or stars, but I was worried that as I’m not that skilled I would end up spoiling it.

I’m really pleased I’ve done this though, as I’ll let you in on a secret, I bought myself a set a couple of years ago and was too scared to try it out. But now, I’ve realised it’s nothing to be worried about and I’ll be decorating key rings, coasters and any random bit of wood I can get my hands on!

Christmas eve Box Ideas
I’ve definitely got room for more!!

Filling my Christmas Eve Box

The contents of your box are going to be personal for your family. At the moment mine has a little snowman toy, hot chocolate, marshmallows and a new festive mug, a great Christmas jumper and a copy of Frozen.

I think I’ll still add to it though. It clearly needs some candy canes and I really want to get festive PJs for all of us, so we can curl up with our hot chocolates and watch Frozen before we send L off to bed. A nice chilled out evening before a very busy day.

We also pop out a tray for Father Christmas on Christmas Eve, so I think I might put this into the box along with the carrot, mince pie and a bottle of milk too.

Finished Christmas eve Box
This was a really lovely project to make and we’ll keep it for years to come

Other Ideas

If the thought of pyrography is too much for you, then why not paint the box. A lovely chalky finish paint would look great and you can get some lovely stencils from Hobbycraft to decorate it with.

It’s Christmas, so there is never too much glitter. Imagine a super sparkly Christmas Eve Box filled with goodies.

You could cover it in beautiful wrapping paper, or go for decoupage. Decoupage is great for getting a bit messy, but with easy, quick and stunning results. You can even get the kids involved and still have a professional finish.

Making my own Christmas Eve Box for the 12 makes of christmas
Christmas Eve Box

To view The 12 Makes of Christmas visit the Hobbycraft Blog or visit to see when your local store will be demoing each make. Next week we’ll be making an Advent Calendar!!

Disclosure – I have received the products to make these crafts and a few extras for my craft stash in exchange for sharing the 12 Makes of Christmas for Hobbycraft

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