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The Benefits of Travelling

I have never travelled in the sense of going on off on some great adventure all by myself. I’ve gone on holidays. But always with someone. I’ve seen a lot of places and had amazing experiences. The idea of travelling, really travelling, I find quite a stressful thought. But what are the benefits of travelling?

Waiting for a flight in the rain

At 16 I went on my last family holiday. I had never flown. Just taken the ferry to France a few times and been the length and breadth of the UK.

At 17 I went to Spain as part of an exchange. The first time I had ever flown. Whilst everything was very big, none of it really bothered me and I had a great time. Strange living with a family when you barely speak the language, but great being away from home with some of your best friends.

Mermaid's Cove
Not Spain, nor Majorca, but Devon on a beautiful day

18 saw a college trip to Paris, a festival with my mates and an amazing trip to Majorca with my best mate and her family. I considered myself quite good at all this travelling stuff. But I was young, and always with people, adults in charge, and really what did I know.

Then I met my husband, Gran Canaria, Menorca, Andorra, Norway, The States were all amazing trips.

Travelling with Rescue
Our wedding at Lake Tahoe

But somewhere in between all of our great holidays I lost myself and a lot of my confidence. For reasons that have nothing to do with travel. I became a nervous and more worrisome person. For years it ate away at me until I was hardly recognisable as the young and excited wannabe traveller of my later teen years.

Then I had a kid and I started blogging. Which has really changed me. Helped me push boundaries and given me so many new opportunities. Some of which have been travel related.

Making Holiday Memories Wales 2015
Making Holiday Memories Wales 2015

We’ve had some amazing family holidays in the UK. Boating, Caravanning, Caravanning, Holiday Parks and Luxury Lodges. Re-kindling that love of adventure and hopefully sparking it in my son. I could not be more grateful for these amazing experiences that have been afforded to me. Each has bought its own level of stress and anxiety. Travelling with a toddler is never easy and doing it on behalf of fabulous companies that you want to do justice, is a different kind of worry to any I had ever dealt with.

Tourist Time! Sight seeing in Rome

Then there have been those extra special experiences. Going to Rome was a turning point for me. I was going with complete strangers. I felt completely out of my depth blog wise. It was the first time I had flown in about 5 years. I was leaving my young son for the first time. It was a lot. I cried a lot in the car as I left, but how could I turn down such an amazing experience? I couldn’t.

But I went. I met with everyone before we got our flights. I had an amazing time. Made new friends. I got to explore a new city and I just had the best time. An opportunity for me to travel like this. On my own, but with others was a great first step towards that traveller I wanted to be. Hotel rooms to myself was a novelty.

Travelling with Rescue
Travelling with Rescue

My confidence growing and nerves being pushed away, fair enough with a huge amount of Rescue Remedy. Hurrah for the pastilles. Not being a liquid I could happily pop in my hand luggage and suck on as needed. Perfect for take off and those popping ears too. But still, even with a bit of help to settle my nerves, I did it.

Then there was Bavaria. Where, for the first time in my life, I took a flight by myself. I found the parking, checked in, went through the security and all that fun stuff on my own. It was liberating. Meeting the taxi driver who was transferring me from the airport to the hotel was a little strange. He didn’t speak a jot of English. I couldn’t even explain to him I needed to stop for a wee before we left, Salzburg airport is small, there wasn’t a bathroom before you went through security and left.

Exploring Passau
Exploring Passau

Trying to find the people I was meeting when I got to the hotel was also interesting, but I got there. On my own. With another place to explore and more experiences of different cultures and histories I was in my element. Don’t get me wrong, all my nerves and insecurities were still there, I still had my trusty Rescue Remedy to help me feel a little more balanced. But the whole experience, from beginning to end was so worth it.

Travelling with Rescue
Life can be an adventure

Travelling, in however a small of a capacity, has really helped me understand myself and my limits.

I have been able to discover new places. Meet new people. Learn new things.

However nervous I was about flights, about being on my own, about travelling solo the act of travelling itself actually helped. Having to concentrate on being at the right place at the right time leaves you with less head space to stress about things.

Flying home
Flying home

Being somewhere new and trying to take every last drop of it in is an amazing distraction. The sense of achievement. The memories. It has all been so amazing for me and I can’t wait for my next travelling adventure and have no worries at all about going by myself. In fact, I think I would actually prefer it. I refuse to let nerves, stress and anxiety hold me back from great things.

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Bach Rescue Plus
Bach Rescue Plus

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Disclosure – this is a sponsored post. All from the heart though.

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